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N.J. Lottery announces online lottery game

Dec 23, 2003, 5:28 am

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New Jersey LotteryNew Jersey Lottery: N.J. Lottery announces online lottery game

New Jersey plans to take the lottery to the Internet next year.

The new game, called Cyber Slingo, has a scratch-off instant ticket portion and an online component, giving players two chances to win. Tickets will go on sale Feb. 23.

To access the online portion, players will log on to the state's lottery Web site, input an access code printed on the ticket and play a five-minute version of the popular online game Slingo.

Game results are predetermined and are not based on skill, but are intended as an interactive part of playing the lottery, said Jaimee Gilmartin, a spokeswoman for New Jersey Lottery.

Players are not required to go online to win. Instead, they can ask their local retailer to scan the ticket stub to see if that portion of the card is a winner.

The tickets will cost $4. Cyber Slingo will offer a top prize of $21,000 on the scratch-off portion and $5,000 on the Internet part of the game.

Cyber Slingo tickets cannot be purchased online and players cannot win any prizes through the Internet. Tickets can only be purchased and redeemed at one of the 6,000 registered retail lottery locations across New Jersey.


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1 comment. Last comment 17 years ago by Lotto Czar.
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Lotto Czar's avatar - sam
Harrisburg, Pa.
United States
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December 23, 2003
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Posted: December 24, 2003, 6:59 am - IP Logged

Do you really think the clerks are going to be nice enough to check losing tickets ?  I like Slingo as much as anyone, but here in Pa., they won't.  I can just imagine all the fuss this will create.  How many people are going to run home to there computers and play, if they have one.  Maryland had a scratch slingo game.  Was fun.  but none of that take the loser to your computer stuff.  maybe Pa. can get a straight Slingo Scratch game.  I'd play if the odds were good.