Record Powerball winner loses more money

Jan 20, 2004, 12:12 pm (16 comments)


The winner of a record Powerball lottery jackpot and his money seem destined to part.

For the second time in several months, Jack Whittaker's vehicle was broken into and thousands of dollars were taken.

The latest incident occurred Saturday morning when someone broke the window of his SUV and took a bank bag from the front seat containing more than $100,000.  The vehicle was parked at Whittaker's house in Scott Depot, West Virginia.

In August, more than $500,000 in cash and checks got stolen from his vehicle while it was parked at a Charleston-area strip club.  That money was later recovered.

Whittaker claimed a $113 million cash option after winning a nearly $315 million jackpot on Christmas 2002.



four4me's avatarfour4me

The man has got to be crazy to carry that much money around. Does he think he's immune to burglars? No wonder it happened. Especially since he broadcasts to everyone he carries a lot of money it in his vehicle. I guess it might be insured who knows. Maybe the bills are marked and whomever pilfered it will get caught. But it's not like it's gonna hurt his bank account.   

Mana's avatarMana

I would be a little nuts to be leaving that much money in my car, period.  I know one too many places where you would be jumped for $2, let alone $100,000+. As much as I would like to trust humanity, there are just people in this world that just ... shouldn't be around, to put it that way.

Eh...  -.-; crazy crazy world...

Lotto Czar's avatarLotto Czar

Gee, I thought I sadi this last week, but another week, another jack Whitaker story.  Surprise surprise.  This one is news to me.  Last week it was the death threat at the bar.  No wonder he got kicked out.   Read my other posts.  I stand by my convictions that having all that money must make some people lose it. 

He's luck it wasy only $100 grand, plus the price of repair to his car.

I agree with all of you.

he's got to keep a lower profile.  Give some more for his church.  Quit while he's ahead.  Do some good for people instead of getting himself into trouble.

  Gee, if he still has any left, after a year; can't he buy out all of his townspeople and make everyone happy?  Don't know.  Cant take it with you.

MichiganHopeful's avatarMichiganHopeful

This guy is either dumb or dangerous. Why would  someone carry that kind of money around? A known millionaire, already got his money stolen from him once. You would think that he would learn. If he is not careful, we are going to be reading about him in the papers again, only next time it will say "lottery winner killed in apparent robbery." Get yourself together Jack. People are crazy in this world and will do anything for money. Gotta be smarter then that.

fja's avatarfja

Unfortunately winning millions of dollars only makes you richer not smarter.  Looks like Jack likes the media attention more than the cash.....This life he leads looks like it might not have a happy ending...(made for tv movie I suppose)

angelman's avatarangelman

He must be a total idiot, if he just leaves the money laying around like he does. I guess he deserves to get it taken, after he announced that he keeps it in his vehicle. It is too bad that someone who really could have used the money did not win it. I am sure then the money would have been put to better use instead of letting people steal it like that.


Now I'm more convinced than ever....he does not deserve to have money.

If one is going to be that blatantly stupid, then they deserve what they get.

I agree with MichiganHopeful--- it looks like very soon we'll read about his death in an" apparent robbery".

Money can buy a lot of things, but it never will buy intelligence.




If brains were dynamite-This guy wouldn't have enough to blow his 'Nose". $100,000 in your car?  I mean whi in the hell does that?. Oh well Jack-I'm sure we've not heard the last of your misfortune.

hypersoniq's avatarhypersoniq

WOW, I need a job... wond


Obviously Jack is not fit t

four4me's avatarfour4me

Smd173 wrote: I'd like to officially petition Jack to sign over his winnings to a more responsible individual. ------ME.

And I'll be your CO-general manager and help you liquidate the remainder of his winning bank account.

visiondude's avatarvisiondude

 since jack has closed down his charity,  looks like he has invented a different kind of method for giving his money away.

        here is one "jack" who doesn't know "jack" about keeping his "jack"


Magnu$'s avatarMagnu$

I'm with you. I could really u

Demiboo's avatarDemiboo

He needs to move far, far away, where maybe no one has ever heard of him, have a MAJOR plastic makeover, go to millionare -12 step program, and keep his BIG mouth SHUT. Hard to believe this guy is this dumb! I would be afraid to even lay down at night-they steal it out of his car AGAIN, wonder how much he keeps inside his home?? His wife needs to leave this fruitcake for her safety!

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