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How is it possible for this person to hit the Numbers Almost every day?
I belong to this lottery page on Facebook where people showcase their big wins and this one person wins on The Numbers Game almost every day. Payouts ranging from $300 to $500 a win. She tells people she plays 20 different combinations per day at $1 per number but gets rewarded with a huge payout. I'm in Massachusetts btw where there is a afternoon and nightly Numbers Game Drawing. I been playing only a $1 a day and haven't hit in 11 months. PS: She shows the tickets a couple minutes b
Sep 20, 2022, 2:38 pm - Thegambler95 - Lottery Discussion Forum

Post Your Winning Tickets Here
Won again, just posted it. hi there, lottomeiser. I am glad over 89% here do not waste time posting what they spent, that is private, i only want to see who win. love it. nice when all win cash. so, No, thanks, lol I choose to only post small wins and or multi-big wins, (OVER 8, or over 10 grand or over $12, $15,000) had a great year, still am. Tonight, i had won off of spending only i think it was like 8 bucks... I love it. bye now... good night.
Dec 16, 2023, 2:09 am - Cassie8620 - Lottery Discussion Forum

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aw, thanks a bunchies, i was LITERALLY JUST SHOUTIN' U OUT! hi! I just post it yep, few min. in our NC online forum, here, got off work late, had to come back to show love,and support, and post it here, i just said a shout out to you, thanks a bunchies, so SOOOOOO HAPPY + you see i was winning through Jan,FEB MAR APR, MAY, slowed down (small wins )end of may, all of june small wins, but, NO BIG ONE, so i am happy, streak is strong ongoing, with these latest MULTIPLE B
Jul 18, 2023, 9:38 pm - Cassie8620 - Lottery Discussion Forum

Before and After!!
For better or worse, I think most winners play themselves. They perceive they are in some competition with others and convince themselves the way to win is to out spend them. Saddest thing is these winners is the others don't even know they are in a competition. They are happily living their life while big winner is trying to prove something to himself. Big winner is always telling himself others are jealous and feeds his belief by spending. Same sort of thing here with the neggers. Th
Feb 6, 2024, 8:21 am - garyo1954 - Lottery Discussion Forum

Don't let the brain play tricks on you.
I may not be aware of all the systems that people are using our there to try and win the jackpots. But from my own reasoning and rational thinking, faulty thou it may be, my mind tells me that if those systems did actually work, then we would have quite a lot of winners out there. Atleast we would have 5 to 10 second tier prize winners every so often, but that is not the case. The norm is one big winner and when the jackpots are average, we have consistently one second tier winner fo
Aug 23, 2023, 4:39 pm - JustMaybe - Lottery Discussion Forum

Hey Big Winner! Wanna Invest in a Hedge Fund?
How uncool is this? Replying to my own post.... The real question is this; Should a hedge fund manager accept money from an individual who he knows probably does not totally understand how risky investing in a hedge fund is, yet still the individual is qualified to invest? My guess is the hedge fund would take the money. Let's say the big winner was an average middle class person, had a mortgage, makes $60,000 a year, married with two kids, saves for their retirement with a 401k etc. Bec
Aug 15, 2022, 9:13 am - GiveFive - Lottery Discussion Forum

when do you think you will win the lottery?
Jun 10, 2024, 9:58 am - bahamapapa - Lottery Discussion Forum

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Big congrats on your win.
Mar 7, 2024, 3:48 pm - Win$500Quick - Lottery Discussion Forum

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Big congrats on your win.
Mar 1, 2024, 1:08 pm - Win$500Quick - Lottery Discussion Forum

predicting lottery numbers
Hope you win big someday!!!
Feb 6, 2024, 6:45 pm - thamizhpayan - Lottery Discussion Forum