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Kentucky: 1/1 - 1/31/2023
Ty so much she had cardiac arrest and they sent her home early and she got sick again within a 2 week span !
Jan 5, 2023, 11:54 am - rhonda69 - Pick 3 Forum

Has anyone ever received a winning lottery check at their job?
In my other thread, I mentioned how cop who was in on a undercover lottery investigation told a Clerk who claimed the winning ticket was a loser and then tried to claim it for herself that the winning check was ready and he'd give it to her at her job. Of course, he was helping to set up her arrest. Has anyone actually gotten a winning check given to them at their job?
Oct 12, 2022, 9:53 am - Lotto fanatic - Lottery Discussion Forum

LV S.O.S.: 2 dead, 3 in critical condition from stabbings outside Las Vegas casino: Police
A 32 year old undocumented Mexican male, Yoni Barrios, stands accused of stabbing eight innocent people on th Las Vegas Strip in a murderous stabbing spree, in arrest report says: I LET THE ANGER OUT
Oct 8, 2022, 4:12 pm - eddessaknight - Gaming Forum

Casino Dealer Kept Working As Player Died :-(
A betting man, David Jagaloinzer, experiencing cardiac arrest and who later died was slumped over a blackjack jack table at tje Wynn casino for more than 15 minutes while dealer continued to to another player. Lawuit filed in District Court Pro Player Advocate Effessa_Knight
Feb 19, 2023, 8:30 pm - eddessaknight - Gaming Forum

Would you ever pretend to be LO after being scammed by Clerk?
I once had a next door neighbor, Freddie, who happened to be a detective in the police department in the town I lived in. I saw his name in a local newspaper story about him apprehending a petty thief. A couple of days later Freddie was mowing his lawn so I wandered over to his yard and congratulated him for having caught the guy. Freddie told me that the guy he arrested was Just like all the other idiots I track down and arrest . By that statement he said meant They get in trouble with the
Jan 15, 2023, 9:47 am - GiveFive - Lottery Discussion Forum

Who is Sam Bankman-Fried and Why Are The Fed's After Him?
If you're wondering why The Justice Department held off on filing criminal charges for SBF here's one very good reason - Having SBF arrested in the Bahamas required more care than an arrest on U.S. soil. The United States has an extradition treaty with the Bahamas. Under that treaty, an individual can be arrested in the Bahamas and returned to the United States for an offense if it is punishable under the laws in both Contracting States by deprivation of liberty for a period of more than one
Dec 13, 2022, 1:01 pm - GiveFive - Lottery Discussion Forum

Georgia gas station employee accused of stealing over $127,000 of lottery tickets in scanning scam
Retailer employee fake scans lottery tickets to reap the rewards By Kate Northrop A gas station employee is accused of stealing over $127,000 worth of lottery tickets in a scheme he ran over time from behind the counter. A Georgia man is behind bars after operating a fake scanning scheme that landed prizes from actual lottery winners straight into his own pocket. On Feb. 24, gas station owner George Joseph phone police to report that he had caught one of his employees, Harish Bha
Mar 1, 2023, 6:10 pm - Todd - Lottery News

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