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Ez$ Pairs GET PAID
IL key pairs 10/9 22-23-24-21-20 55-56-57-54-53
Today, 1:10 pm - EZMONEE - Pick 3 forum

since IL. is going to use RNG for pick 3 and 4 anyone have any advice?
If software could be written to exclude past history drawings, they certainly can add a feature to exclude trips or quads.............................. In this world, anything is possible. Might not be probable, but certainly possible. I for one, will not play any GAME that is run by software behind closed doors especially in ILLINOIS. Trusting ILLINOIS is like trusting my dog not to eat my sandwich which I put down while I make a short trip to the rest room. Upon returning, the sandwich i ...
Today, 9:35 am - butch2030 - Lottery Discussion forum

since IL. is going to use RNG for pick 3 and 4 anyone have any advice?
16 draws counting under the RNG for IL Pick4. Still no straight match on a set of numbers going back to 01/01/11....................... It is still to early to tell, but under the old system IL Pick 4 had a approx 30% hit ratio of a straight set of numbers hitting more than once. The average for a set of straight numbers hitting of more than once in a Group of 50 drawings was approx 15 out of a group of 50 drawings. To date - out of the 16 drawings under the RNG - they have not match a set of ...
Today, 9:26 am - butch2030 - Lottery Discussion forum

All States SG 40...Oct 2015
10/8/15 M/E SG 40 +10 2nd Set 15 Boxes/2 Strs=17 Hits AR 148/184 BX CA 168/861 BX ID 136/316 BX IL 147/147 STR8 NM 245/542 BX NY 179/719 BX NY 156/516 BX OH 148/184 BX OH 146/614 BX TN 235/523 BX TN 774/477 BX TX 774/774 STR8 VA 134/431 BX VA 136/316 BX DC 257/527 BX WV 224/422 BX WI 267/762 BX
Today, 6:17 am - Wheeler - Pick 3 forum

states with RNG that provide the numbers of winners for each draw?
I never know what Illinois pay out on a number, or how many winners win on a certain number. One day, I asked the clerk if she knew, she only could tell me what was sold or paid at that store? I can't remember what she told me. Maybe, since they are RNG, that information will be available? Good question.
Yesterday, 11:20 pm - MzDuffleBaglady - Lottery Discussion forum

states with RNG that provide the numbers of winners for each draw?
IL. recently went to RNG and doesn't currently provide the number of winners for it's pick three and pick four games. Is this common in states using RNG?
Yesterday, 10:53 pm - fast eddie - Lottery Discussion forum

Ga Fl Sc Nc
Good to see you back!! Can you email me ILLINOIS sheet aniaolszewski@gmail.com Thank you so much.
Yesterday, 2:23 pm - KasiaB - Pick 3 forum

Ga Fl Sc Nc
awww ur so sweet. didnt think u forgot me, i know how it is to need a break...ill have 40 hrs in when i get off tonight with 2 more days to go this week..lookin forward to sunday and a day off!
Yesterday, 11:19 am - Tonibaby - Pick 3 forum

All States: 10/1 - 10/31/2015
Raven are these numbers for illinois also
Yesterday, 10:56 am - vholling - Pick 4 forum

Ez$ Pairs GET PAID
IL key pairs 10/8 00-01-02-09-08 44-45-46-43-42
Yesterday, 9:21 am - EZMONEE - Pick 3 forum