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Store clerk tricks Tennessee father and steals $1 million winning lottery ticket
Cashier who stole prize arrested Includes video report By Kate Northrop A Tennessee Lottery retailer clerk has been arrested after tricking a local father and stealing his winning ticket worth $1 million. A Tennessee man almost lost out on a $1 million prize he didn't even know about after a retailer clerk tricked him into thinking he hadn't won anything. Meet Patel, 23, has been put behind bars after getting caught stealing a $1 million winning lottery ticket from a customer
Yesterday, 7:53 pm - Lottery News

UK National Lottery potential victim to worldwide "blue screen of death" catastrophe
Website and app completely offline, players unable to buy or cash tickets By Kate Northrop In what is being dubbed the largest IT outage in history, the U.K. National Lottery may have fallen victim to the Blue Screen of Death update over the weekend, after their website and mobile app were completely taken offline, leaving thousands of players unable to cash or buy tickets. A severe global IT outage caused by a botched CrowdStrike update jammed up emergency services, healthcare, tech
Jul 22, 2024, 4:54 pm - Lottery News

Virginia woman wins $180,000 in a single Pick 5 drawing
Six $30,000 prizes in just one day By Kate Northrop Buying six tickets for one Pick 5 drawing paid off for one Virginia woman, who ended up winning $180,000 in a single drawing. One lucky Virginia lottery player turned a $30,000 prize into $180,000 after all six of her tickets came up winners in one Pick 5 drawing. Latoya Burke presented six winning tickets to the Virginia Lottery, all with the same combination and for the same Pick 5 June 5 Day drawing. Burke bought her tick
Jul 22, 2024, 7:34 am - Lottery News

Rhode Island university president forgot about $1 million Mega Millions lottery ticket in a drawer
Million-dollar ticket sat untouched for five months By Kate Northrop A university president bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket, placed it in a drawer, and forgot about it for five months, unaware of the fact that it had won a $1 million prize. Ioannis Miaoulis, the president of Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, thought it would be fun to buy a lottery ticket, but that ticket sat in his drawer for five months before he discovered it won $1 million in a Mega Millio
Jul 20, 2024, 9:17 am - Lottery News

$180 million Powerball winners embroiled in court battle after losing $20M to financial advisor
Mismanagement cost Powerball jackpot winners money and time By Kate Northrop A Minnesota couple who won a $180.1 million Powerball jackpot in 2008 have come forward to talk about how they lost millions to their financial advisor's poor management and spent five years embroiled in court battles. Two Powerball winners of a $180.1 million jackpot lost a significant portion of their lottery prize after a financial business they entrusted their winnings to sunk their portfolio. Paul a
Jul 18, 2024, 2:39 pm - Lottery News

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