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Lottery ticket sales increase across country
Financial records for 41 state lotteries that end their fiscal year in June show 28 had higher sales than the year before. Seventeen of those states set all-time sales records. Kate Sweeny, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of California-Riverside, said an uptick in lottery sales largely occurs when people feel a lack of control over events larger than themselves, such as the economy. Jeff Anderson, head of the executive committee of the North American Association of S
Sep 6, 2011, 9:05 am - Lottery News

Mass. Lottery game very profitable for those who know how and when to play
High-rolling gamblers are exploiting a quirk in Cash WinFall, raking in huge profits every 3 months Billy's Beer and Wine sold exactly $47 worth of lottery tickets the day before Marjorie Selbee arrived, just another sleepy day for the liquor store in this tiny Western Massachusetts town. But from the moment the 70-something woman from Michigan entered the store early July 12, Billy's wasn't sleepy anymore. Over the next three days, Selbee bought $307,000 worth of $2 tickets for a relative
Jul 31, 2011, 8:48 pm - Lottery News

N.J. paper investigates best and worst places to buy lottery tickets
This is not a lucky number: 07102. And yet lottery players line up every day at a convenience store register in this Newark ZIP code. They bring their hopes, dreams and dollars and trade them for games. Hopefuls mill about the Welsh Farms store on Court Street, thumbing through small pieces of paper inscribed with names like Pick 3, Pick 4 and Jersey Cash 5. Some stand against the brick wall outside, feverishly scraping quarters crusted with silver dust across instant-win scratch-off games
Jun 13, 2011, 8:30 am - Lottery News

Blackjack player legitimately beats casinos for millions
He took Caesars for more than $4 million, burned Borgata for about $5 million and then topped it off by beating Tropicana out of $5.8 million. For Don Johnson, it was an incredible streak of good luck at the Atlantic City blackjack tables. I'll take luck over any other skill, Johnson said, laughing. There's no magic to this. Eventually, someone would whack them. I'm just glad it was me. Johnson, 49, of Bensalem, Pa., is the chief executive officer of Heritage Development LLC, a Wyomin
May 26, 2011, 5:53 pm - Lottery News

Florida woman mistaken for lottery winner
Similar name to real winner leads to many phone calls, text messages A Port St. Lucie woman said she is being mistaken for a Florida Lottery scratch-off game winner because they share a similar name. Tammy Henry Jordan said her phone has been ringing off the hook, and her text messages are piling up. Jordan said it seems people are confusing her with a Jupiter woman named Tammy Henry, who recently won $2 million. My name is Tammy Henry Jordan, Jordan told WPBF 25 News. Her name is T
May 6, 2011, 1:13 pm - Lottery News

Simon Cowell still buys lottery tickets
Simon Cowell says that he still plays the National Lottery in spite of his reported 200 million (US$330 million) fortune. The X Factor' and Syco boss made the claims after he entered the Sunday Times' annual music millionaires' top ten list for the first time this year. I still buy lottery tickets. I still play, said the music mogul, but then added slightly dubiously, but I tick the box that says no publicity so no one would know. Generally, there is no box to be ticked unless the amo
May 5, 2011, 8:09 am - Lottery News

Statistician cracks secret code behind lottery tickets
Is the apparent randomness of the scratch ticket just a facade, a mathematical lie? The call came around 3 a.m. Toronto time, which was midnight in Nevada where Doug Hartzell was sleeping. It was his old friend, Mohan Srivastava, phoning from Canada. He called me and said, 'Man, I think I'm losing it. But I see a pattern in scratch lottery tickets,' said Hartzell, recalling that 2003 conversation. My reaction almost instantly was like: I'm sure he's right. Over their three decades
Feb 2, 2011, 1:40 pm - Lottery News

Three state lotteries set to begin new multi-state game
Decades of Dollars to replace Win For Life game By Todd Northrop UPDATED: Since the original news story was written, it has come to our attention that Arkansas will not be participating in the new lottery game, due to legislative hurdles, and the Win For Life game will continue to be played in Virginia. The title of the story has been changed to reflect three state lotteries, rather than the four state lotteries originally referenced, and the body of the article has been updated with the a
Jan 11, 2011, 10:00 am - Lottery News

Some Michigan retailers are lucky spots for lottery players
A Highland Park porn shop won fame earlier this month for indulging a common vice. Not that vice! The Uptown Bookstore on Woodward sold a winning Powerball ticket worth $128.6 million. In all, Michigan residents bought $2.37 billion in lottery tickets in the last budget year about $4,500 a minute. That's down from the record year of 2009 ($2.38 billion), but it still averages nearly $237 for every man, woman and child in Michigan. In Detroit, the state's biggest city, more than $326
Nov 26, 2010, 11:23 am - Lottery News

New Jersey lottery turns 40 with record $2.6B in revenue
The New Jersey Lottery sold a state record $2.6 billion in tickets for fiscal year 2010, an impressive number considering the state is in the midst of an historic recession. It's also impressive because the New Jersey Lottery, which turns 40 in December, continues to be an economic force in a state desperate for cash. Even after all this years, for better or worse, the lottery remains a growth industry. The lottery is a recession-proof business, says Carole Hedinger, acting executive dire
Nov 19, 2010, 10:12 am - Lottery News