Lucky's 1-Up 1-Down System

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How many times have you played a number that missed hitting by one digit being either 1 higher (up) or 1 lower (down)?

Lucky's 1-Up 1-Down System is designed to guard against this agonizing situation.  It is a simple and timeless lottery system, created by Lottery Post member Lucky, and the system is easily his most requested.

There are lots of unexpected uses for Lucky's 1-Up 1-Down System.

For example, if you have a hunch a triple is coming, consider playing 1 Up 1 Down on your chosen number.

Or if you're looking for a specific double, produce a set of 1-up 1-downs for all 10 triples, then send the large set of resulting numbers into Deflate and filter out all the combinations except ones containing your double.

You are free to come up with whatever creative combinations you wish of the tools and features available to Lottery Post premium members.  The advanced players tend to narrow their selections in a variety of ways, so each tool should be viewed as a part of the puzzle, not necessarily the entire thing.

What does Lucky's 1-Up 1-Down System not do?

You have to tell Lucky's 1-Up 1-Down System what number(s) to start from in order to produce the list of 1-up 1-downs.  So if you don't have one or more combinations to input into the system, you'll have to use some other method of coming up with combination(s) first, and then come back and plug them in.

Once you have the idea of what you're looking for, chances are that Lucky's 1-Up 1-Down System, together with all the other features available at Lottery Post, will help you quickly and accurately produce a good list of numbers to play.

If you're looking for a system to give you some combinations to start with, try Lucky's Followers System and/or Lucky's Daily Tracker.  Both systems use logic and patterns developed over the course of many years by Lucky to produce individual digits, specific combinations, and both large and small sets of combinations.

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