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my chart is on fire in michigan-watch out

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January 25, 2004
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Posted: July 19, 2005, 9:18 pm - IP Logged

winnerbe  - undress - and msmusic - you are awsome and thanks for all of your thoughts and compliments about my system - it seems like someone here is always chopping me down about my numbers - but thanks to all that enjoy the system - i thought i would share some of my systems here but i keep getting cut/chopped down - but thats my last system here - i want be putting another system here - i actually had a good p4 system - but thanks a lots - i will not share - hope you guys have lots of luck and good winnings.

I'm sorry to hear that someone was "chopping you down".  As I said, I plan on playing your pair chart and combining it with a Key # of mine.  I think that may work.  Thankfully, you are leaving us AFTER you have shared your charts and methods.  I plan on continuing using your systems that I have put into spreadsheets, too.  I have shared the workings of those with many others that were having trouble understanding them.  Spreadsheets help take the "work" out of them!

I also am working on a Pick 4 system.  I haven't had much luck with it yet, but I think that is where the real money is.  Keep watching ... you will see many of us using your methods here on Lottery Post.

Good Luck.


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    Posted: July 19, 2005, 9:40 pm - IP Logged

    I agree with Winner2Be.  I am reminded of what my father used to tell me, "You are always looking for the easy way to do something".  Yes, I am.  I was just looking for an easy win, sorry about that.  There certainly is NO competition from me.  I haven't been doing well lately, except for the $93.75 win today in WDC Pick 4, so I'm looking for ways to win.  I'm out of work, my wife is out of work, my unemployed ran out and she doesn't get unemployment!!  So, I'm just looking for wins like everyone else. 

    I think playing Key #s (Bryan's or mine) as PAIRS might be good.  He seemed to hit a few double Key #s.  For tonight's Prediction Page predictions by me, I'm using yet another method!! 

    Good Luck to ALL of us!



     Try using your key numbers with the vtrac method in my blog.  I have done very well the past two weeks using it. As with any system , it may get cold from state to state.  I have to keep behind each to see which has heated up.  I took in half of what the school pays me to teach each month, just yesterday.  I cannot play a lot of combos. (hubby had me to agree to that after a huge loss in Dec.)..

      I screwed up somethings today.. I played 688 in GA.. and  959 in TN.. and it came around the other way.. Those were St.. plays.. I wish I had taken bigger notice to TN. Should have won there using the system.  I was stuck at shop with shop computer which is a dinosaur..  I didn't catch GA because it was a resent repeat..


      Provide me with key numbers.. I will provide you with vtrac exchange.  You probably do not need my service.. but I could use yours..


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