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7 number wheels with high guarantee?

Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 13 years ago by Todd.

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Posted: August 16, 2005, 2:58 am - IP Logged


I checked your wheel with the 527 drawings of the OhioSuperLottoPlus a 649 game and these were the results.

match 6 = 0
match 5+0 = 1
match 4+1 = 2
match 4+0 = 72
match 3+1 = 113
match 3+0 = 1402
Cost to play 527 times = $85,901.00
Winnings = $11,667.00


The wheel played above its guarantee which you clearly proved, the rest is dependent on how you position your numbers on the wheel.  You need a strategy beyond throwing all the numbers up in the air and playing them for 527 draws however they fell on the wheel.  

btw: Look how close you came with that 5# win, the odds of winning a jackpot on that day were 1 in 44 of getting the last number correct, what would you be saying if there had been a jackpot win?  BobP

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    Posted: August 16, 2005, 11:39 am - IP Logged

    The trouble with wheels is regardless of the strategy used to position some of your numbers in the wheel, you still have to follow the wheel layout to take advantage of its guarantee. 

    If I could afford to play 163 lines, I would prefer to follow some other strategy to position my numbers rather than one that would guarantee a $1 win, after all the odds of winning a dollar is 1:54 no matter what strategy you use.

    btw: none of my strategies have made me a jackpot winner.


     * you don't need to buy more tickets, just buy winning ones * 
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      Posted: August 16, 2005, 12:03 pm - IP Logged

      The word "chance" is just wrong, when talking about a wheel's guarantee.  It is a guarantee, plain and simple.

      Now, if you want to speak about your "chance" of winning the lottery, that has nothing to do with a wheel.

      I really don't understand the desire to impose a different word, especially when the original word ("guarantee") is 100% correct.

      If you play Mega Millions using Lottery Post's 2 if 5 of 56 wheel, and you play all 46 lines in the wheel as they are written, then you are GUARANTEED to get at least a 2+0 match on at least one ticket.

      Yes, you are 100% guaranteed, every single time, to get at least a 2+0 match.  And if you play a different Mega Ball on every ticket, you are guaranteed that you'll get at least a 0+1 prize every single time.

      Case closed, jury dismissed.


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