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The Tao of Filters - Lottery Filters 101

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Posted: December 8, 2005, 2:36 am - IP Logged

hmmm... 8 choices for High/Low


8 choices for vtrac strings (using V=vtrac, a=first number V represents, b=second number, for example V1=a0 or b5)

VaVaVa, VaVaVb, VaVbVa, VaVbVb, VbVaVa, VbVaVb, VbVbVa, VbVbVb

8 choices for odd/even


guess a good rule of thumb would be that any filter that has a binary component (2 choices, H/L, VaVb, O/E) will have 8 resultant possibilities in a pick 3 scenario and 16 in a pick 4... (HHHH,HHHL,HHLH,HHLL,HLHH,HLHL,HLLH,HLLL,LHHH,LHHL,LHLH,LHLL,LLHH,LLHL,LLLH,L)LLL

Am I getting this so far?


TNTEA is also putting Vtracks and other filters together.

Good luck.

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