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Topic closed. 37 replies. Last post 10 years ago by ducksafloat.

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Eastern Missouri
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November 7, 2002
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Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:23 pm - IP Logged

I just received word about 5 minutes ago that Ducksafloat is in the hospital. Desmond her son that was in Iraq PM'd me. He asked us to pray for her. I don't know what has happened. I just spoke on the phone with her last weekend. I told him there would be many prayers said because she is much loved by her LP family.

I know that God will bless her and her family because he knows my thoughts and yours.


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    September 30, 2004
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    Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:27 pm - IP Logged

    Amen to that Picks, may our prayers get her back to us safe and sound .

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      May 18, 2006
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      Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:32 pm - IP Logged

      My prayers are going out to Ducksafloat.  I always view her predictions.  I know that God will heal her and she will be back very soon.

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        March 7, 2006
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        Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:38 pm - IP Logged

        I'll keep her in my prayers and hope she comes home soon.

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          United States
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          May 29, 2006
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          Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:38 pm - IP Logged

          My prayers are with Ducksafloat and her family.

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            Charlotte NC
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            June 18, 2005
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            Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:43 pm - IP Logged

            My prayers are also with Ducksafloat and her family


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              Luv Vtracs 8-)

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              April 23, 2006
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              Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:44 pm - IP Logged

              Our prayers r with Ducksafloat & her family. Will be thinking of her healing & finding  her way back to us. 

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                January 14, 2005
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                Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:44 pm - IP Logged

                I hope everything is going to be allright. She will be in my Prayers.Thank you and please keep us informed. You feel so helpless on the other side of a computer when someone is hurting or having problems.

                We all know that God will lend a helping hand.


                Feeling,  PRICELESS!!!Banana

                Come on Jackpot!!!

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                  November 9, 2001
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                  Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:47 pm - IP Logged

                  thank you for letting us know.

                  our prayers will be with her and her family.

                  please keep us posted.

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                    August 31, 2002
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                    Posted: November 19, 2006, 11:57 pm - IP Logged


                    You get all better now, so you can bless us all with your high spirited energy and help us MO'ian figure out how to beat these crazy games.

                    You and yours' are in my prayers,

                    Bryan  :)

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                      May 26, 2006
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                      Posted: November 20, 2006, 12:55 am - IP Logged

                      Ducksafloat, you and your family are in my prayers.


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                        January 1, 2006
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                        Posted: November 20, 2006, 12:56 am - IP Logged

                        The Lord's Prayer Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.

                        Thy kingdom come.

                        Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.

                        Give us this day our daily bread.

                        And forgive us our trespasses,

                        As we forgive those who trespass against us.

                        And lead us not into temptation,

                        But deliver us from evil.

                        For thine is the kingdom,

                        and the power,

                        and the glory,

                        for ever and ever.

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                          United States
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                          April 23, 2006
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                          Posted: November 20, 2006, 6:00 am - IP Logged

                          Best Picks,  Thank you so much for letting us know.  Please, give us an update when you get one.

                          Ducksafloat, You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers!!!

                          Peace.  And, Good Luck!!!

                            lima ohio
                            United States
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                            November 4, 2006
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                            Posted: November 20, 2006, 7:32 am - IP Logged

                            My prayers are with her

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                              Stone Mountain*Georgia
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                              November 2, 2002
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                              Posted: November 20, 2006, 9:00 am - IP Logged

                              The Light of God surrounds us

                              The Love of God enfolds us

                              The Power of God Protects us

                              The Presence of God watches over us

                              Wherever we are, God Is.



                              The only real failure .....is the failure to try.                               

                                                            Luck is a very rare thing....... Odds not so much. 

                                                            Odds never change .....but probability does. 

                                                                                                                     Win d