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People in front of you dictating lots of numbers to the clerk...

Topic closed. 36 replies. Last post 9 years ago by SirMetro.

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Does it annoy or bother you?

Heck yeah, why can't they just fill out a betslip! [ 46 ]  [75.41%]
No, it doesn't bother me. [ 12 ]  [19.67%]
See my reply. [ 3 ]  [4.92%]
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Glen Burnie, MD
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June 27, 2002
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Posted: May 17, 2007, 11:35 am - IP Logged

Some of the things mentioned in this thread bug the hell out of me.  At the liquor store where I usually buy my Mega Millions tickets, there are lots of pick 3/4 players.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone use a betship for that.  If it is a few numbers that's ok.  If they have a list prepared and give it to the clerk, that's ok too.  But the ones that stand there and rattle off what they want are being very inconsiderate of others.  I try to avoid buying my tickets near the cut off times for pick 3/4 because of it.  There is one lady in particular that takes her time, calling out her picks, looking around the store inbetween numbers fishing for a hunch.  It drives everyone crazy.  I've seen her buy $500 worth of pick 3/4 tickets at a time taking over15 minutes!!!!!  If I see she is in line, I walk out and go someplace else.

For Powerball tickets, I have to travel from MD to PA to buy.  As such, I buy tickets for 8 draws at a time for the pool I run.  Since betslips don't have that option, I have to call out my order.  The liquor store where I buy has 1 clerk who handles the liquor purchases at one end of the counter and lottery at the other.  Becuase it takes some time to get thru my order, I always tell the clerk its ok with me to interrupt my order and take care of her regular customers buying liquor.  She always thanks me for that.

I also hate the scrachers that scratch their tickets right on the counter - it makes a horrible mess!!!!

Ok, my rant is done - I feel better now!Smile


Good luck and have a Disney Day ºoºHiding Behind Computer

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    Florence, Alabama
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    November 13, 2004
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    Posted: June 3, 2007, 10:19 am - IP Logged

    I Agree!

    I play numbers too without playslips when I play in KY. If I have a lot of numbers I will look back at the line and see if it is getting long and ask the clerk to help the other people so they don't have to wait so long. Some places have signs saying if you're playing more then 3 numbers to fill out a card but if there is no line they will let you call them out.

    There's a place I play sometimes in TN has a sign saying all numbers have to be filled out on a playslip, including QP's. I don't play there much because I went there once and filled out cards, got my tickets, then went back the next day to replay the cards and realized that they never gave me my cards back from the day before. I filled out new cards and played again then had to tell the clerk to give me my cards back. If they are gonna put up signs making everyone fill out cards then they should be able to give back my card without being told.

    Another thing I don't like is a place that sells lottery tickets and when you win they tell you to go to another store to cash in the tickets because they aren't allowed to keep money in the store. They can't even cash in a $50. ticket. I think the Lottery commision should take away the lottery from them but I know all the lottery cares about is making money and that's what they are doing. 

    I love doubles and remember, it's just a game!!!!!!

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      January 14, 2005
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      Posted: June 3, 2007, 11:02 am - IP Logged

      I use the betslips for all games all of the time. I have learned that there are some people who are just intimidated by the pick 3/4 betslips and will not fill them out.

      In the past, I have had too many clerks punch in the wrong numbers and I leave the store because I'm in a hurry and found out later that I lost because of their mistake. I learned to fill out the slips so that if there is a mistake, it was my own mistake.

      I once stood in a line where a guy at the machine had a small book with $400.00 dollars worth of 4 digits that he was playng. Everyone in the line was annoyed, because we all were on break from work. People were making comments out loud after a while, and when he finished someone asked him " do you ever win." He answered, " I cashed in 3 $2600.00 wins this week and usually have 3 to 4 wins a week.

      I'm happy for him and his wins,  but I'd still prefer that he put his bets on the betslips. This would have moved the line faster, cut down on the mistakes that the clerk may have made on that many numbers, had less people annoyed with him and allowed all of those people who sneak out of work to get back to work before being missed.


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        July 30, 2006
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        Posted: June 3, 2007, 11:22 am - IP Logged

        Holy Moly! $400.00 is a lot of coverage! With that much you can just about cover every combo. Does anybody have the breakdown for the quads, trips, doubles, singles? I think there are 10 quads, I think 240 triples, 960 double/doubles, and the rest 8790 singles. Is this close? jarasan

          EAST COAST, USA
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          January 31, 2007
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          Posted: June 3, 2007, 12:45 pm - IP Logged

          It really doesn't matter.  Some folks just don't know how to fill out those slips.  Everybody deserves help.  If you're in a really big hurry then you should have planned your ticket purchase a little better. Simple.

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            February 23, 2005
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            Posted: June 4, 2007, 8:16 am - IP Logged

            It happened to me but I realized the elderly gentleman didn't really know how to play and he was telling the clerk his numbers and getting confused.  People in line behind me were making noises and getting upset that it was taking so long. I was next in line and had been there for about 5 min.   The clerk actually told people in line to be a little more patient while he helped the man.  The clerk was  polite and very  carefully explained things to him and my thoughts were, when I get this old...I hope I find someone just as patient with me as this clerk was to that man....  Yes it was time consuming but remember we are all going to get that old someday hopefully and all the elderly wants is someone to be nice to them even if it's annoying.  Another clerk came in off break and helped everyone else.



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              East of Atlanta
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              August 11, 2004
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              Posted: June 4, 2007, 10:05 am - IP Logged

              Unless I am playing pure quick-picks, I fill out a bet slip for both a single number or a bunch. This insures I get the exact number I want for how ever many times I want it. When I do end up behind someone who thinks it's ok to stand there and rattle out numbers, I intentionally and very loudly talk to the Clerk about how really easy the play slips are to fill out and how convinent and fast it makes life for everybody. Most of the time, they take the hint and step out of the way after the Clerk screws up a few numbers.

              In GA, I get the "Buy One, Get One Free" coupons from the Lottery. Nothing makes me madder then the IDIOT clerk who, after scanning $10 or $20 worth of tickets, be too damn clueless to correctly scan in the coupon and wants to charge me another dollar because he allowed the machine to run a quickpick. Then the idiot is stupid enough to try to explain to me that it is the only way it works, not knowing I have been receiving and cashing in these coupons for several years now. Although, here these days, I guess I should be happy that the clerk can almost speak english.

              Anyway, hope everyong here has fun,

              Sir Metro