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POLL: Low profile or flaunt it?

Topic closed. 33 replies. Last post 9 years ago by WalesLottoMan.

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Which would you be after winning a jackpot

Low profile [ 38 ]  [46.91%]
High profile [ 2 ]  [2.47%]
No one would know I won [ 15 ]  [18.52%]
Everyone would know I won [ 2 ]  [2.47%]
Somewhere in between [ 23 ]  [28.40%]
Other [ 1 ]  [1.23%]
Total Valid Votes [ 81 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 0 ]  
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United States
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September 20, 2007
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Posted: September 24, 2007, 1:59 pm - IP Logged

How would you behave after hitting a decent sized jackpot? When it came to cars, houses, etc...

Would the whole world know you had won, or would you be so low profile that if someone close to you told someone else you had won would they just be laughed at? 

They would know if they read the news, but they wouldn't hear it from me. I would be low profile. I will change my LP identity from Jack Pot to Low Profile.Cool

    Dolce, Illinois
    United States
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    November 18, 2005
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    Posted: September 24, 2007, 2:51 pm - IP Logged

    I'd be the antithesis of David Edwards, in regards to showing stuff off and buying loads of crap, et al.


    I'd follow the rule of not trying to rub it in.  Going on tv and showing off what you have probably isn't the best thing to do.  Kinda turns you into human fly paper.


    As for charity, etc, I'd do that low key as well.  I'd donate along the lines of investing in people; Habitat for Humanity, college tuition help, community sports and other programs.


    For me personally, I'd be hard to find.  No running around town in the big ride, flipping $1000 tips and such.


    But, the great thing about winning is that you can whatever you wish.  Pro or con, good or bad.  It's yours to do what you want. 


    That's the catch.

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      September 14, 2006
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      Posted: September 28, 2007, 1:48 pm - IP Logged

      It's hard to hide behind the scene considering you have to appear in front of the press, telling the whole world you won, and now that a flood gate has opened...lol

      And that's another good idea for a poll.

      What's the difference between winners, and rich neighborhoods filled with millionaires. How is it, that the millionaires who worked for their money, are less susceptible to beggars?

      Most people will not bother you if what you have for financial wealth was actually earned by you. If you win a large amount on the lottery, most people will assume that you dont deserve it as you didnt earn it and you will be pestered more often. There was a tv show about this a long while back.

        There was a different post ..back on the 1st or 2ns page about when you win, the press will know and there goes your privacy. I've read some legal measures that you can take where you create a trust and that trust claims the ticket on your behalf. If you go to the lottery and sign that ticket, they have the right to let the press know and release your name as a winner. Just when you need your privacy most, it can be taken from you at the most inopertune time.

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       Don't Play more, Play Smarter!

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        Abergavenny City
        United Kingdom
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        August 17, 2007
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        Posted: October 1, 2007, 2:17 pm - IP Logged

        Invest wisely in assets and do the things I always wanted to do.  I'd move to Southern California (from Wales, UK) and get into movie production.