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I hope it (Powerball) rolls again

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Posted: April 4, 2008, 3:47 pm - IP Logged

Maybe Jack Whitaker hit it again.Stranger things have happened.Unhappy

According to what I read at <snip>, that almost happened earlier this year:

Jack Whittaker, West Virginia’s most famous and infamous lottery winner, has won again. The West Virginia Lottery confirms that Whittaker, who won the nearly $315 million Powerball game in 2002, recently won a Powerball prize, but for a much smaller amount.

The Lottery says Whittaker claimed a $10,000 prize Jan. 25th with a ticket he bought at a convenience store.  He matched four numbers plus the Powerball number for a $10,000 prize, said Lottery Spokeswoman Nancy Bulla.  It was a $5 Easy Pick ticket for the Jan. 9, drawing.

That means Whittaker was one number off from winning another jackpot.

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    Posted: April 4, 2008, 4:37 pm - IP Logged

    "One number off from winning another jackpot" may be technically correct, but I'd say it's a bit misleading. To me he was 2 numbers off. To win the jackpot he'd have had to eliminate the one number that was wrong and then pick the right number to replace it. One number off suggests that he had a 1 in 51 chance of picking the correct number instead. In reality, simply changing one number would have given him a 1 in 250 chance of winning another jackpot. Of course those are  pretty damn good odds for PB.

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      Posted: April 5, 2008, 3:27 pm - IP Logged

      After reading his claim that the bank clerks stole money out of his account and the bank did nothing about it, I can say "good for him!"   

      Ol' Jackie boy is going to shock us all some more yet!  Anything is possible.  That is what this guy is proving.  I love it!

      voir-vous dans mes reves!Cool