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How To Win 3 & 4 Lotto

Topic closed. 46 replies. Last post 9 years ago by Todd.

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Posted: June 3, 2008, 7:26 pm - IP Logged

Date Day / Eve Winning Numbers Action
06/03/2008 Daytime 4 - 8 - 7 View Details
06/02/2008 Daytime 3 - 1 - 5 View Details
06/02/2008 Evening 3 - 7 - 3 View Details
06/01/2008 Evening 5 - 2 - 5 View Details
05/31/2008 Daytime 9 - 2 - 2 View Details
05/31/2008 Evening 4 - 0 - 8 View Details
05/30/2008 Daytime 3 - 4 - 8 View Details
05/30/2008 Evening 8 - 2 - 8 View Details
05/29/2008 Daytime 7 - 3 - 1 View Details
05/29/2008 Evening 3 - 3 - 3 View Details

These are the last 10 drawings of the N.C. Pick three.  How much money  would I have made playing the numbers that you would be selling to me?

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    Posted: June 3, 2008, 7:55 pm - IP Logged

    Sorry, but you can't use Lottery Post to sell lists of numbers, or anything else.

    If you want to post numbers for others to use, in the same sharing way that thousands of other people do here every day, then that is wonderful.  But you can't use Lottery Post to advertise that you're selling something.

    It takes a lot of hard work ... and MONEY ... to create a business.  It is certainly a big short-cut to use my web site that I built in order to tell people for free about your product.  But there are no short-cuts.  You have to do the same thing I did eight years ago, which is to work tirelessly in finding ways to spread the word about your product, while not spamming other people's sites.

    There are many books written about how to use search engines and other technologies to let people know about your product.  My advice is to take some time and do research about it, because there is a lot involved.

    I don't really like that you seemed to say "Todd uses this site to sell stuff, so I can do it."  It's my site that I've spent tens of thousands of hours building, and if I didn't "sell stuff" the site wouldn't exist.  This site did not just magically appear one day.  I worked very hard at it for years, and I still do, every single day.


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