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Lottery Jokes

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Posted: September 11, 2008, 2:25 pm - IP Logged

True humor.  I heard this a while back.  Apparently, a woman would buy Illinois lottery tickets religiously.  Then, the morning after the drawing and before work, she'd watch the TV news to see what the winning numbers were.  Her husband decided to play a prank on her (grin).  He watched the drawing when it happened, waited a couple of hours, then went to a local convenience store ... buying a ticket for the NEXT drawing that had the winning numbers on it.  Then, he checked the ticket in his wife's purse to make sure it was a non-winner ... and exchanged it for the new ticket (evil grin).

The next morning, as usual, she retrieved the ticket from her purse and watched the drawing replayed on the news.  Her husband (ahem) had already left for his own job.  She didn't bother to check the "drawing date" on the ticket and was ecstatic, assuming she'd won a major jackpot.  However, instead of going to lottery headquarters to cash it in (as her husband thought she would), she went to her job, quit, and told the boss what he could DO with the job.  Then, she went to Lottery HQ - where she was told, "Ma'am, this drawing hasn't taken place yet."

She apparently DID get her job back (can you imagine the crow she had to eat) and, apparently, remained married to her husband ... though I suspect there were a few "words" exchanged between them.

P.S.  I pulled a similar prank once myself.  I managed an old drive-in movie theater.  My projectionist was an avid lottery player.  There was a small TV in my office and he asked me to watch for the lottery results.  Unknown to him, though, I asked one of my concession people to ask the projectionist to see his ticket.  He showed it to her.  And she came back to me, telling me what the numbers were on one line.  I wrote the numbers on a small slip of paper (snicker).  At intermission time between flicks, the projectionist came out of his booth and asked if I'd gotten the numbers.  I gave him the piece of paper and he went back to his booth.  About 10 minutes later, he came running out of the booth, yelling, "I Won!  I Won!"  I let him make a fool out of himself for a few seconds ... then fessed up.   Ooooooo.  FWIW, we're still friends, hehe.

Regards -- J. Alec West