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do u guys beleive the lottery is fixed

fixed [ 23 ]  [41.07%]
not fixed [ 20 ]  [35.71%]
just a conspiracy theory [ 13 ]  [23.21%]
Total Valid Votes [ 56 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 4 ]  

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January 29, 2011
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Posted: April 26, 2011, 8:20 am - IP Logged

Probably the entire question is too ambiguous to allow an answer.  'The Lottery' isn't a phrase describing anything that actually exists.  Lotteries exist, but 'the lottery' doesn't.  Each might be flawed, each might be fixed, each might be guilty of criminal negligence, each might be guilty of misrepresenting the product it's responsible for providing at any given time. 

The lotteries are operated by people more-or-less like you and me and the circle of people we know.  Most of those people are honest and responsible, some aren't.  And many are honest most of the time but might be seduced by temptation. 

The same as bankers sometimes find ways to loot the retirement systems entrusted to them by 401k plans.  The same as accountants and purchasing agents devise ways to rake personal gain from the jobs they hold.  The same as stockbrokers . . . you get the picture.

My thought is that lotteries are roughly as dependable as banks, stockbrokers and as you and I would be under similar circumstances.