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If my INVENTION sells, I will give away every lottery secret I have found even my CODE..

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Posted: October 24, 2011, 10:30 am - IP Logged

Way to Go ! Much Success to you. There is no substitute for dedication and hard work. Banana

Surely the most important news of any day ...

                                                is that the sun has risen one more time. Sun Smiley

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    Posted: October 25, 2011, 12:04 am - IP Logged

    Thank you all very much...I think I read that J.K ROWLING got her idea riding on a train one day for her HARRY POTTER MOVIES..well..I accidently got my idea just from getting burnt...and then an hour later it hit me..and to this day I still cant BELIEVE NOONE has ever thought of it before...


    I will tell all of you what I designed just as soon as I have my lawyer look over the papers and I sign them...I will tell everyone of you what I came up with...!!!!!


    I know what you gonna say...why didnt I think of that...that is what everybody says when they see something new..heh I thought of that one time and didnt even do anything about it...in this case..I have searched the entire internet..research after research...and believe me..I know how to do research..I have B.A. from The University of Southern Mississippi in History where all you do is research and write papers after papers..this PRODUCT DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE...and it will be GREATLY APPRECIATED by well..lets just say many people...hahahaha..that is why this company keeps calling me..as of which..they called me again at 9:04 this morning...they know this is a great idea and they want it...


    I will say this much..after talking to quite a few different people in different areas of product development in terms of monetary gain..I was thinking of selling for a just lump sum..but I was adviced to go  the other route and take my part off of units sold every year..I think it is well known now that noone should ever give up their rights to their inventions to anyone..it usually bites them in the a$$

    Case in point..I believe the guy that invented the VICEGRIPS..got like 100k for it in a lump sum and after years went by wanted another piece of the pie and didnt get it because he did give up his rights..if memory serves me correctly..I remember seeing that on the news many years ago..or read it somewhere I think...or it may have been another product I am thinking of...


    Ask God to guide and direct your actions, put what you want down on paper act as if you already have it, those that continue to think outside the box will always be winners, those that say it cant be done wont do it, those that didnt know it couldnt be done do it!!!!, continue to think outside the box and fill that well to the brim and overflowing,people limit themselves to what they can have, it is no harder to think of 100 dollars than it is to 1,000,000 wishing you the best with your success, imagine we would have never had electricy computers ect.... if it wasnt for people like you, we are our own limiters, take the world and shake it!!!!!


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      Posted: October 25, 2011, 11:41 am - IP Logged

      Hello, braker, you have simulated and tested the system utilization in the results? If you use an up to 80% of the sweepstakes, is very good! You know that the lottery is random,
      Let me give an example, in Brazil at the end of the year has turned mega, 60 / 6. the prize goes to 200 million dollars, while last year were 420 million of fair bets, had two players, then braker, think well if only one bidder decided to play the 420 million betting would only win on two cards, maybe your system work with smaller lottery.
      Cover 100% in a lottery do not force anything fácil.mas there in your project, I'm sure that if you put in the forum, and someone wins, you will have 20% too.

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        Posted: October 31, 2011, 6:54 pm - IP Logged

        getter done,all the best!Party

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          October 24, 2011
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          Posted: November 1, 2011, 1:08 am - IP Logged

          I wish you the best of luck! 

          And if you ever do unload your lottery secrets and your code, I would ask you and the members here to try to keep it on the downlow... we wouldn't want such info to get too much publicity, otherwise the Lottos might find out!

          ... and could you, maybe, please give us just ONE of your lottery secrets?  pleeeeeeeez?

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            Posted: November 1, 2011, 5:07 pm - IP Logged

            Not only have I spent 20 plus years trying to completely solve RANDOM or for you Mathematical people..probability...I have used my mind creatively for other things as well..I have submitted an invention to a company and they are very interested in it..let me put to you this way...they have been blowing up my phone everyday since I sent them the blueprints for it...they want me to sign legal documents ..last week...electronically..but I asked them for PAPER DOCUMENTS so they can be looked over by my Lawyer...


            If this little thing takes off..which I was told could be 1-2 years...I will UNLOAD EVERY LOTTERY SECRET I have found over the past 20 plus years plus my CODE I USE to every one of you...AND BELIEVE ME...when that day happens..you will want to be here at Lotterypost for that day...!!!!!!1

            Good Luck on your new invention!!! I can not wait to hear and see the end results. Please keep us posted!!! Take Care wish you all the best lotterybraker.Smile

            I Like It…I Like It®Sun Smileylotto lynn       

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              Posted: November 4, 2011, 11:23 pm - IP Logged

              Sounds like some hybird weird type of a random generator that he developed that he has to imput the last number.

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                Posted: November 5, 2011, 7:45 am - IP Logged

                Quote:by lottobreaker in mathematics

                ok..I want to take a stab at smething here if I may..its about MATH AND COMPUTERS AND COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS.....now since I AM LACKING KNOWLEDGE, ESPECIALLY in the computer and programming world...I do not mind being corrected here at all..but I have a few questions and answers I want to share...

                1. IS IT true...that ALL COMPUTERS WORK OFF OF programs or algorithms THAT ARE BASED IN INPUT AND OUTPUT using mathematical calculations that are precise..for example..a scientific calculator..for TRIG...ALEBRAIC FUNCTIONS, etc...etc..etc..etc..etc...the program is already loaded into the calculator or computer and all you have to do is INPUT the SPECIFIC numbers that are pertaining to the problem that you are already working on..and it will spit out the answer...is that correct?

                2. Now if this is true..and I may not be that far off..but how can you EVEN THINK FOR A SECOND that something that is  TOTALLY RANDOM like the lottery can be solved using a calculator or a computer?

                3. Think about that for a second...if it were true...then a calculator or a computer..could solve every problem that could ever be thought of...and, the answer is..THAT IS TRUE...if the program can account for th input that is CONCRETE where the output will also be concrete...


                4. Now as far I know..every formula I have ever seen requires a some kind of number value for the program to work right..no matter what formula that has been invented or thought of over the past 1000 years or more REQUIRES 2 THINGS...first the formula...then the variables to plug into the formula to get the answer you seek..THE CORRECT ANSWER I MIGHT ADD...

                5. All of us here at LOTTERPOST DEALS WITH RANDOM and how it works..this is what we all study everyday...that is why I have said it over and over and over again...all of us here at LP KNOWS MORE ABOUT RANDOM and how it actually works than any Mathematician will anyday of the week and twice on Sunday because this is what we study...

                6. Look at this way...when you watch a pic 3 drawing on TV or a pic 4 drawing on Tv..the pic 5, pic 6, mega millions or powerball...now think about this for a second...WHEN YOU SEE ALL THEM BALLS AND THEY DROP THEM INTO THE MACHINE AND THEY ARE AT rest UNTIL HE/SHE FLIPS THAT SWITCH TO START THOSE BALLS MOVING...do you HONESTLY BELIEVE...COME ON NOW..DO YOU HONESTLY BELIEVE that there is a mathematical formula or a computer that account for every movement of everyball its direction of flight in the tubes, its ability that IT WILL BUMP INTO  several other balls to change its direction...now do you honestly believe a formula can be designed and or written and put into a computer for future use...

                THERE IS NOWAY ON THIS EARTH THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN...dont get me wrong..its not that we all would not like that to happen..its just to much information there that you and even me..cannot see or have not found yet to compensate for all of the movements to gain an advantage for that nights drawing...SO..THE BEST WE CAN DO IS TRY TO COMPRESS THE TIME FROM THE PAST..FIND SOME MISSING VARIABLES THAT HAVE TO SHOW..that is missing from the past that TEND TO RUN on a somewhat regular schedule...but research is fun isnt it...we all enjoy it..trying to find something that noone has ever found before that will help us...

                Now...one more thing....all planets...asteroids...comets....alll move in specific time...the moon also for eclipses...so they can be projected FAR INTO THE FUTURE WITH EXACT LOCATION AND EXACT TIME SO WE WILL KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING is aT all times..now that is Math and at its purest form..a formula with the rigth vaiables and Voila...you get an EXACT ANSWER AND WILL KNOW year and years ahead into the future and will be absolutely correct everytime..RANDOM WILL NEVER WORK WORK THAT WAY ,...EVER...the earth doesnt rotate 1000 mph oneday and then the next day 235 miles mph and the day after...678 mph..its CONSTANT AT 1000 MPH...SO WHEN YOU HAVE A constant....you can solve everything ...but RANDOM has no constant so RANDOM cannot be solved using MATH...Math cannot be sole Random because because Random bounces around so much...you cannot get a lock on a CONSTANT VARIABLE THAT WILL ALLLOW YOU TO TAKE AND ADVANTGE OF IT IN THE SHORT TERM

                I.E..that 0-9 sequence...it bounces around so much you can not get a lock on the next drawing, the drawing afterwards...and the nextdraw...and the next draw..simpley because it bounces around to much..all of you have seen it...a missing digit from the past...it will show...but once it shows..it will change that digit out and replace it with another one and the process begins over again

                I have spent over 20 years and my MAIN FOCUS OM MY RESEARCH IS AND HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE TRYING TO SOLVE THE  NATURAL ORDER OF ARANGEMENT OF THAT 0-9 SEQUNCE and I have not found it yet..it is the HOLY GRAIL of Random..if you can solve that order..you will win the NOBEL PRISE I PROMISE YOU THAT..BECAUSE it will give you the exact time, location...of everything on the planet...lightning strikes...murders, bank robberies, car wrecks...plain crashes..ANYTHING THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET IN THE FUTURE WILL BE AND CAN BE SOLVED just by solving that natural order of arrangement of that 0-9 sequnence...but i must WARN YOU...AND TAKE THIS WARNING TO HEART...THE CLOSER YOU GET TO SOLVING IT...THOSE FIELDS will begin to expand and at an exponential pace..

                Those pretest and post test draws will and does DESTROY ANYTHING THAT IS IN THE SHORT TERM ...I.E..6 MONTHS TO A YEAR ..ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE BIG GAMES THAT ONLY DRAWS 2 TIMES A WEEK...If you get a lock on 2 of the numbers locked in to a certain position..it can and does change the LOCKED POSITION..and will change what ever else that you have found that goes with the 2 numbers you got a lock on to begin with..and that is what is designed to do..when there is that much money at stake IN ALL THE POWERBALL STATES..there is noway on this earth they are going to alloy you to get a lock on anything that will give you an advantge..and this why quick pics win more than player pics..and that is what they want...they do not want you to be able to do a workout and find a lock of any kind that will increase your odds of making any money and hurting them..so what do they do...they take out 4 drawings before they have the paying drawing...have the paying drawing...then take out some more draws afterwards...THIS DESTROYS NUMERICAL LOCKS..

                nOW THAT IS ONE SIDE OF THE COIN...you can not destroy something without creating something NEW..I will tell you all...this much is for certain..YOU HAVE TO HAVE ACCURATE DATA FROM THOSE PRETEST DRAWS AND I THINK THEY HIRED stevie wonder TO DO THEIR DATA ENTRY BECAUSE JUST WHAT LITTLE RESEARCH I HAVE DONE ON THOSE BIG GAMES EVEN I have found a plethera of mistakes myself...THAT pretest and post data HAS TO BE INSERTED INTO YOUR research to have a true field that is running..and the data has to be accurate for sure...ANOTHER KEY POINT HERE...what you are looking for is this...when you make a run or workout through the past and you have inserted that pretest and post data into ONE CONTINOUS FIELD THAT IS RUNNING..you need to check the time on when what you found that was missing from the past..just how long it will take to ACTUALLY SHOW IN THE PAYING DRAW...remember powerball is running a 5:1 ratio..AND I dont even have to guess one bit..the bulk of whatever you find missing from the past will show in those 5 dead draws that does not account for anything except to mess you up.....you need to know the time it takes to find what you found MISSING TO ACTUALLY SHOW IN THE ONE PAYING DRAW...that will help you more than you know

                REMEMBER..they dont want..and will not allow you to get a lock on anything..those pre and post test will take care of that..it will destroy a single number missing in a certain position..a pair missing in a certain position..a double that is missing in a certain position..and will change other numbers that are due to show with the said above...when they say on their website that the bulk off all winners are from QUICK PICS..they are right and that is what they want...they want to sell millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of useless quickpics until some lucky person ACCIDENTLY gets the right quick pic that wins..but usually by that time happens..that games PAYOUT has already been paid for MANY MANY MANY TIMES OVER...

                Food for thought...just how hard  would it be for POWERBALL OR MEGA MILLIONS TO HAVE A BIG BUBBLEGUM mchine to roll out 5 different balls on just one draw in which that is all it should be to begin with..JUST ONE DRAW...it would not be no trouble whatsoever...NONE..heh..if we can design a spaceship to go to the moon and come back safely...I think a bubble gum machine to roll out 5 different balls could be designed by a class of 5th graders...what they are doing is not on the line of criminal activity...ITS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LINE...!!!!1

                "Attention all Mathematicians: Check your degree at the door because when it comes to whole numbers you are the Amateur"


                After reading this one this is clear = YOU HAVE TO HAVE ACCURATE DATA FROM THOSE PRETEST DRAWS =that's is were it all starts.How many times does the lottery pretest before giving you the winning numbers has to be figured in.


                Another Quote by lottobreaker:

                Well..I can tell you each with 100% truth...that you cannot wheel a set of numbers using past date...and I know that sounds like a contradiction...but it cant be done...FOR EVERY STARTING POINT YOU CHOOSE..there will be missing parts THAT HAS TO SHOW...no if's and;s or buys; about it...for example...if you decided to go back on the big games pic 5 or pic 6..since they run slower...2-5 times aweek...respectively...the starting POINT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PIEcE OF IMNFORMATION AT HAND...




                FOR EVERY STARTING  POINT YOU CHOOSE..from that point..there will be missing parts...from that point of starting...NOW THOSE parts has to show...not maybe..not liklely..but ABSOLUTELY HAS TO..the problem is...when you choose your starting point...YOU STILL HAVE all those missing pieces that hasnt showed from other starting points from the past, present and the future that hasnt happened yet..this is the biggest problem..and if I had to bet all the money I have..I would bet...when you choose a starting point somewhere in the past...YOU WILL GET A PIECE MISSING HERE AND A PIECE MISSING THERE...SOMETIMES in the same draw, but mostly scatterd out in future draws one after another...


                sine you , me and noone else on this planet can find all of the those missing parts from the past and ACTUALLY GET THEM ALL TO SHOW IN ONE DRAW..is a kinard...that is not how RANDOM works...random will drop off what it owes everytime..and I DO MEAN EVERYTHIME but it will be 1 -3 digits running together, usually out of order, not locked into a certain position...that would be childs play if that happpened...


                Look at your pic 3 or pic 4...take a starting part from the past..find anything and everything that is missing and see how it appears in the future...it will give you a piece here and a piece here and a piece there...the big games works the same way...if you start a pic 3 run say September 1...and you find the single digit 0 missing...well that 0 has to show and it will at some point in the future...now..from september 1 going back and you find that the pair 48 hasnt showed yet...well sometime in the future that pair 48 will show also in the future as well..but that does not mean that the 0 was missing and the 48 pair that was missing will give you the pic 3 combo 048...it doesnt work like that...sam for big games...start september 1 and run backwards and find that digits 12. 25 and 34 ARE MISSING all from september 1st backwards...and that does not mean in the future that 12x25x34 will all show in the same draw...its a possibilti..but there is no guarantee...usually what happens they will arrive one at a time..2 if you are lucky and they will bring 3 others numbers with them...most likely...something cold, something warm..and a repeating number from the previous drawing


                Now since none of us can go draw to draw to win...a KEy POINT is to stay in ONE GROUP..2 odd 3 even...3 even 2 odd..or if you prefer...all even, all odd..you could even add in 1 odd 4 even , or 1 even 4 odd...WORK IN ONE GROUP AND ONE GROUP ONLY..that is going to be your best chance to win in the future...if you are one of those people that runs a program and changes out his or her numbers for every drawing thinking you might be on to something...well..this may hurt your feelings but you have no clue on whats going on and you are wasteing your time and money..you just as well should by a quick pic...IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT DAY...WHAT WEEK , WHAT MONTH..OR WHAT YEAR YOU USE..there will always be missing parts that has to show from the past to complete all sequences..and this is what gets most people in trouble with their workouts..they are under the assumption..well..I went back 1 year..everything should be cleared by now..and the answer is NO IT HASNT...


                My suggestion would be to START FROM THE VERY FIRST DRAWING...find everything you can think of that is missing...loook into the future and find those missing parts and see what shows with them..and keep doing that over and over and over and over and over until you reach the present...maybe your eyes will see whats going on and how things are moving and reacting to each draw


                REMEMBER...YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW ALL 5 DIGITS TO WIN PIC 5...if you can find away to get a lock on 1st postion...3rd position...and 5th position...then you can win the pic 5 by filling in the inbetween missing pieces...and as far as that goes...you can get a lock on 1st, 2nd and 3rd and win..the more locks you can find, THAT HAS TO SHOW BY THE WAY..translates into less combos you have to play...AND SINCE some pic 5;s only draws 2 or 3 times a week..I suggest you find a pic 5 that plays twice a day or 7 times a week...the more data you have to work with..the more you can find..!!!!1

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                  Posted: November 5, 2011, 6:25 pm - IP Logged

                  Uh, how's it going? 4 pages of replies on this. WE haven't heard from you in awhile. Hoping this all wasn't in vain. ???