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patterns in the lottery games

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Posted: February 29, 2012, 6:04 pm - IP Logged

Tried to be a Hero, turned out to be a Toad, no fun predicting Zero, time to get the Motherload.


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    Posted: March 1, 2012, 10:44 pm - IP Logged

    Lucky Loser:

       Thanks for thought out information about pre-draws. Can you explain this a little more: "because it can come right back in full or partial form" ? What can come "right back in full or partial form"? The pattern?   Would think a pre-draw(s) would brake up a pattern making it unrecognizable (for a long time in Pick 5/31 and pick 6/49 games).


    Thanks for further explanation,


    'Duck, I should've been more specific here because it can happen in a couple of ways. Due to the pre-draws, a complete pattern i.e. Odd-Odd-Even can return several times, or, it can return in partial form where the Odd-Odd pattern returns several times over...even after pre-draws. Also, it's very common to see where two (2) of the same digits from the last official draw return again in their respected positions. In essence: 2-9-6 Midday, and then, 7-9-6 Evening. In fact, it almost happens everday based on all the data I log in for studying.

    One must ask themselves, what are the chances of two of the same numbers returning in the same positions? This is all after the machine has circulated the balls, and drawn them, up to five (5) times already before the official draw. Now, I understand that those numbers are still in the machine, and can be drawn still. But, the same two in the same positions? Pre-draw is workin' overtime! Results really used to surprise, and even shock me until I learned about pre-draws...and it changed my whole way of thinking and approach to the numbers game.

    I developed a brand new respect regarding its' capabilities and stopped taking so much for granted. It was then that I began to do much better.


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      Posted: March 7, 2012, 8:01 am - IP Logged

      Sure if you're talking about a pick3 or pick4 game which only has a 1000 or 10000 combinations and even less box combinations but I was thinking  the question was about jackpot games with millions of possible combinations.

      You can extend it.

      Roulette, 1 bet is 1/37, 2 bets is 1/37/37 .... n bets is 1/37^n.
      If you keep winning, of course, there is a bet limit. At roulette you can add other bets than on the number.
      Another advantage at roulette is that you don't have to share the pot with others! Guessing a few times the number
      correctly and rebetting your money, you can leave the table(s) with half a million and more. There it is worth calculating which
      game is better.

      After 4 spins you reached a chance of 1:1 874 161 guessing all numbers correctly. I can only calculate the payouts by knowing the limits of the table in question. Betting on other than straight on the number, leads to a wheel effect, which is a cut in the payout!

      Playing more bets on roulette is similar to playing a wheel.

      Really winning a lottery means to bet one USD or Euro and catch the jackpot as only winner and stay unknown.