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Iliya Bluskov Pick 5 Wheels

Topic closed. 32 replies. Last post 5 years ago by lottoarchitect.

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Do you use wheels?

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May 16, 2012
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Posted: May 20, 2012, 1:11 pm - IP Logged

I don't really understand why Bluskov is selling books.

Why is that?

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    Posted: May 22, 2012, 5:39 am - IP Logged


    Have you utilized any of the wheels with success? I know it depends on your selection of numbers that go into the wheel but it'd be nice to hear that you've done well with the system.

    I ordered the book today to use with the 5/36 Fantasy Five here in Florida. If I could just figure out how to extract my numbers from Expert Lotto I'd be in good shape. This is some pretty heavy software.

    I think you answered your own question, results are dependent on number selection and order placed on the wheel so they drop into the combinations producing better then the wheel's guarantee.

    People will tell you anything above the wheel's minimum guarantee is pure luck. 

    These Bluskov wheels will be the tightest fewest possible combination wheels for the prize guaranteed. 

    When wheels are entered into software like CoverMaster we can see the percentage of coverage of the other prizes.  We can lock the wheel as it is entered and add lines to boost the coverage of a better prize say from 30% to 50% often without spending a lot to improve our chances.

    As to, why publish wheels in a book, makes it harder to steal and spread all over the web.


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      November 18, 2003
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      Posted: May 22, 2012, 6:57 am - IP Logged

      If the program has no limit for lines to process, then I might have go with it in the future.

      Can the program handle pick 2 to pick 10?

      I don't really care about the speed of the program and time that it needs, but it shouldn't have limits.

      There are no limits for the imported mother. Wheel Generator can handle pick 2 - 12, 1<=t<=11 & 1<=m<=12 but total numbers allowed [v] drop from the maximum 99 to 75 for pick 7 and goes down to 36 for pick 12. The speed is not affected by the amount of blocks processed, it will only take more time to make a complete covering when more blocks are involved. I have successfully worked on a mother with 1 million blocks and constructed coverings with 200000 blocks. I think no other program in the world can handle such figures.