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Help! Does Any know how to generate 6 if 6 of 54 ??

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Posted: April 12, 2012, 4:23 pm - IP Logged

Yeah I know I need to restate my question. So I'll describe what I'm really asking the best way I know how and hopefully you all can get the gist of what I'm saying.

For the Texas Lotto 6/54, I want to be able to generate every possible combination for 1 or even 10 different key numbers. So no matter what numbers are drawn I'll win if and only if my key number is drawn. I sounds like a full key wheel.

I'm not sure how to express this in a shorter version but I'll try again: I want to be guaranteed to hit all 6 numbers if 5 of the numbers are drawn out of 53 numbers and 1 of the numbers drawn matches my 1 key number. 

I visualize how 25,827,165 combos are generate as the same as me saying 54 key numbers. I don't want to generate 54 key number I only want to generate up to 10 key numbers.

If I'm sure that the key numbers 30 is are going to hit then I want to generate all possible combinations for the key number 30. 

After that's done. I want to generate every possible combination for the key number 31.

then 32 - 39 the same way.

That's only 10 different key numbers not all 54... so that won't be 25,827,165 combos. To get however many combos 1 key numbers will generate out of a pool of 54 or maybe I should 53 since I'm using a key number as part of the 54....... so divide 25,827,165 / 53 = 48,7305..... My right brain intuition says that's just not right. I need a left brainer for this. 

There is no full key wheel generator on LotteryPost. I was told by Todd to 

Use the Combinations Generator to generate a full 5/54 list of numbers, then add a 30 to every line in notepad or something.  (Notepad++ is a good tool for working with text files.)

Sounds good.....but I can't find a combinations generator on here to generate a full 5/54.



Or, find a Key wheel generator that can do a full Key wheel on your PC.

Sounds better.... that's probably what I'm going to have to end up doing. I see Gail Howard's Full Wheel generator seems to be the closest thing I can find. 

Or maybe some odds/probablities genious can show me to calculate this so I can do it myself which would be cool too.

*correct label* Key 6 if 5 of 53

The number you select as your key won't affect the raw total combinations you end up with. A key of 31 will generate the same quantity (2,869,685 combinations) as a key of 32, 33, or whatever. There will be some overlap between sets, though.

I can't find a combinations generator on here to generate a full 5/54

The link to the combinations generator has been posted twice, so follow that link, read the intro, and scroll to the bottom of that page

The default parameters are {5,1,10,1}
The parameters you'll need are {5,1,54,1}.

You'll still need Notepad++ or something similar.

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