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*Everyday I'm Hustlin*

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Posted: June 16, 2012, 10:04 pm - IP Logged

STORM is Comin THRU To Share info with My Beautiful followers, I want to apologize for not being here, or replying to ur text messages in a respectful time. U know in life, we ALL go thru ups/downs and sometimes things happen beyond Our control. I know that this is a lottery site an ppl come here for numbers, but the Reality of it ALL is that, there is 'LIFE' outside of the lottery. When u come here to lp, u want numbers to play an u are looking for that BIG WIN. I am able to help u with that, as well as Others here. Thru my experiences here, If at Anytime I have played for u,Not All are as kind as others but, "Thank You" goes a long way... Well me being Open Again to play for others, 'That ship has sailed', I will No longer do that anymore. Today I woke up in 'The Best' mood that I've been in... In a Long time. I talked to My Best friend last night an she gave me Great advice. I also spoke to Squidworth an I tell u, she is def' an Angel sent from above... "SHE LISTENS" to Me an what I love the Most about her is that she doesn't tell me what I want to hear, 'She tells me what I NEED to hear, No cutting corners at ALL'... I see I have some admirers here on lp, I get numerous invitations to go out an have yet to answer any of them, so I wanted to come here on my thread an let u All know at one time, 'Yes I did meet someone, an thank u but No I will Not accept ur invitation'... All I can/will say is that, even though things are not where I wud like them to be, I am happy where things lye!! Back to the lottery, I had a dream an Only one number was given to me,


Play an Win, Wink    *486* Let's flip *489*

Good luck Everyone!!


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