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Do you generally play both major jackpots regardless of the amount?

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May 12, 2013
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Posted: July 17, 2013, 11:22 pm - IP Logged

Most weeks I hit both draws for the MM, PB and CA SuperLotto. I might go a little crazy and buy a couple extra tickets for a high JP, but I'll still buy if the pot's just been reset.



Let's say you win the CASL on the first draw after a win. That's an advertised JP of $7mil with a CV around $4mil. Assuming you're a CA resident, there are no state income taxes, so roughly $2.5 mil after the Feds take their 39.5%. No, I wouldn't be able to never work another day in my life. The life expectancy charts put me at 48 years estimated shelf life, add in inflation... But my house would be paid off, my parents' houses would be paid off, my mother's beater of a car would be replaced, I could go on a very nice vacation or three and I'd still have $2mil sitting in the bank. How would that not be wonderful?


There was an episode of CSI about 10 years back where Catherine's dad gave her a large check, which she described as "Enough money to do anything, not enough to do nothing." I'd say $2.5mil fits that. Sure I would have been psyched if I'd won the record PB a few months back, but that doesn't mean that a 'small' JP wouldn't make a huge difference if it happened to me. If it never happens, I still get to dream a bit. It's worth $8 a week to me.