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8XX Missing last 42 Draws, Review.

Topic closed. 31 replies. Last post 3 years ago by retxx.

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May 2, 2004
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Posted: October 5, 2014, 1:10 am - IP Logged

Wow. 8XX returned tonight with 847. the same exact numbers it left last month. 874 


I stopped playing after 3 draws. but congrats to all who won.


i didnt. this number also came after 4 high numbers in a row dropped from this position. s it was almost impossible to tell when 8 would come.


i did learn alot from tracking this number.

Don't know whether to say GREAT POST or CONGRATS!

Appreciate your keeping us posted on the missing 8.

Once anything you track it has been out an interminably long duration it can affect your play. Sol glad you moved on even if meant you didn't win. But that the choices you have. Most of us have done it. Meant to post last night that I would drop the 8 too, but got busy with other stuff.

We always learn something from these things.

Happy you followed this post through to the end as well.

Good post!


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    Posted: October 5, 2014, 11:00 am - IP Logged

    thought I would mention that oct 3 mid number was 874 here in mass. Coincidence or what seems eerie. Maybe a connection with Ga. what do you think Garyo? Should we follow your ideas to connect with ga. and Mass.?