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Substitution Works - Mega Balls

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Posted: June 6, 2015, 9:17 am - IP Logged

The winning combination for the June 5 Mega Millions drawing is + 10.
I once again reduced 4 choices down to 2 and then made the wrong final choice.
This concludes my Mega Ball workout postings.
School is out, the kids are home and the long hot Texas summer has begun.
There is little time and interest for a predator game that is not on my play list.
In retrospect, I believe I have demonstrated that a substitution workout has a place in the overall lottery scheme.
Folks who are looking for something different ought to give it a try.
It's mostly child's play that anyone can learn to use.
I've been asked to explain why I broke the Mega Ball field into 4 parts, rather than the 3 that applies to the basic game.
My answer is that I've been unable to find a reasonable method that would apply to 15 MBs en masse.
The 4-4-4-3 division is the best solution, in my way of thinking.
It seems that there are a few laggards in every lottery number distribution.
The basic formula of Last Mega Ball - Gap1 - Alpha Signature - Gap2 - next Mega Ball is a sound approach.
Thanks for your interest and Good Luck!!