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Do any of you use this strategy? Pick3

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williamson county
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Posted: June 9, 2015, 7:25 pm - IP Logged


if you had stuck with the 4 on the last 3 draws........winner winner chicken dinner......tennessee is crappy, sometimes

they can keep a single digit out.....for several draws......you can try this....and it works take the cash 3 winning number

only use the middle digit.......mirror that number and add 2 and subract 2......and you have narrowed down your

selection to 3 numbers........

example 123.......mirror the 2 = 7

                          add 2 to the 2 = 4

                        subtract 2 = 0     your 3 choices are 7,4,0      hope this helps.

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    March 11, 2015
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    Posted: June 11, 2015, 12:57 am - IP Logged

    This system was a failure! Nothing more nothing less.

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      burlington nc
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      March 25, 2014
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      Posted: June 11, 2015, 1:22 am - IP Logged

      i have used this yes i have several different ideas i use that either no one is sharing or they do not know about  but yes the 8 sets base numbers is a good idea if you can  key in on the right one using infamous pick 3 and 4 over the past yr i have learned to manipulate it where i can see the doubles and almost no the location of the number coming out so that cuts down some of the base numbers your speaking of send me an email if interested in some tricks i use have a great day.

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        February 27, 2012
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        Posted: June 11, 2015, 11:21 am - IP Logged

        It is not bad to change your key number for every drawing if you are right with the bet.

        Some people use a "count down system" like for launching a rocket. As you could experience, this doesn't always do it and you cannot keep up raising the bet.

        Any simple system, will end in a kind of 50% cash loss at pick 3, because of the lowered payout.

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          October 28, 2012
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          Posted: June 11, 2015, 8:19 pm - IP Logged

          This system was a failure! Nothing more nothing less.

          ...Not necessarily the "system", but tracking that digit was.  If you can catch that digit and limit the number of plays to get to the WIN, then it will work (profit).  here's how I find that digit to play around with.  I typically play consecutive pairs only though.  23, 34, 45 etc.  It happens a lot in GA.  If the digit is 3 im playing 23x and 34x in different orders.  Who cares about the actual numbers, the money is in the pattern and positions.


          NE way.. in TN using the previous drawing will give you a clue. We're looking for consecutive drawings with the same digit.  If you find it, it'll typically come back within 3 drawings.  Take a look...


          Thu, Jun 11, 20152-2-1, Lucky Sum: 5?Prize Payouts
          Wed, Jun 10, 20159-0-7, Lucky Sum: 16?Prize Payouts
          Tue, Jun 9, 20154-9-4, Lucky Sum: 17?Prize Payouts
          Mon, Jun 8, 20152-9-6, Lucky Sum: 17?Prize Payouts
          Sat, Jun 6, 20157-9-8, Lucky Sum: 24?Prize Payouts
          Fri, Jun 5, 20150-1-4, Lucky Sum: 5?Prize Payouts
          Thu, Jun 4, 20159-8-2, Lucky Sum: 19?Prize Payouts
          Wed, Jun 3, 20151-3-8, Lucky Sum: 12?Prize Payouts
          Tue, Jun 2, 20152-2-1, Lucky Sum: 5?Prize Payouts
          Mon, Jun 1, 20150-3-9, Lucky Sum: 12?Prize Payouts
          Sat, May 30, 20154-8-5, Lucky Sum: 17?Prize Payouts

          You can look at this list two ways, for the next consecutive drawing or the next morning drawing.  If you look then you'll see that digit 9 is next up.  Why?  look at 6/6-6/10.  It skipped 6/11 so that means it should show up within the next 2 drawings.   TN mid 6/11 379.  Mark the digit 9 for the next morning drawing too (if you want to REALLY get crafty).


          Thu, Jun 11, 20153-7-9, Lucky Sum: 19?Prize Payouts
          Wed, Jun 10, 20157-9-8, Lucky Sum: 24?Prize Payouts
          Tue, Jun 9, 20153-4-8, Lucky Sum: 15?Prize Payouts
          Mon, Jun 8, 20157-2-6, Lucky Sum: 15?Prize Payouts
          Sat, Jun 6, 20150-5-5, Lucky Sum: 10?Prize Payouts
          Fri, Jun 5, 20150-9-2, Lucky Sum: 11?Prize Payouts
          Thu, Jun 4, 20158-6-5, Lucky Sum: 19?Prize Payouts
          Wed, Jun 3, 20153-5-0, Lucky Sum: 8?Prize Payouts
          Tue, Jun 2, 20151-3-1, Lucky Sum: 5?Prize Payouts
          Mon, Jun 1, 20153-8-4, Lucky Sum: 15?Prize Payouts

          Looking at this... 8 is next.  Why?  6/9, 6/10, then it skipped.  It'll show up within the next two drawings... 6/11 EVE 648. Mark the 8 for the next MID drawing.


          hu, Jun 11, 20156-4-8, Lucky Sum: 18?Prize Payouts
          Wed, Jun 10, 20158-8-8, Lucky Sum: 24?Prize Payouts
          Tue, Jun 9, 20155-4-4, Lucky Sum: 13?Prize Payouts
          Mon, Jun 8, 20154-9-0, Lucky Sum: 13?Prize Payouts
          Sun, Jun 7, 20150-2-5, Lucky Sum: 7?Prize Payouts
          Sat, Jun 6, 20157-0-2, Lucky Sum: 9?Prize Payouts
          Fri, Jun 5, 20158-6-8, Lucky Sum: 22?Prize Payouts
          Thu, Jun 4, 20152-6-8, Lucky Sum: 16?Prize Payouts
          Wed, Jun 3, 20155-4-3, Lucky Sum: 12?Prize Payouts
          Tue, Jun 2, 20152-5-6, Lucky Sum: 13?Prize Payouts
          Mon, Jun 1, 20153-0-1, Lucky Sum: 4?Prize Payouts

          Looking at this list... This technique doesn't apply.  I'd probably go with that 9 (back up plan) for the morning or just sit out (count my $)!


          As with any odds game, you're sure to loose in the end if you keep feeding the frenzy.  You can't beat the odds, but if you're disciplined then the only odds that a person should be concerned about are the odds for THAT drawing not for the next 20 or 100 consecutive drawings. 


          Also... If you only have two drawings make 3 columns of the last 10 drawings.  Midday, Evening and consecutive.  Look at your state and I might bet that you'll see this occurring over and over again.  All you have to do is be able to see it and take advantage of it... ONLY when the opportunity is there.

          I try to only play key digits in the 2nd or 3rd positions...just my preference.

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            Posted: June 12, 2015, 10:08 am - IP Logged