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Texas Mega Millions lottery sales strong

Mega MillionsMega Millions: Texas Mega Millions lottery sales strong

Texas Lottery players wanted larger jackpots, and that's exactly what they got with the Mega Millions game.  One year after Texas joined the multi-state game, lottery officials say it's a hit.

With Mega Million jackpots being so high, any Texas lottery player would get excited.

Lottery officials brought the multi-state game to Texas last year to keep Texans from chasing large out of state jackpots.

"Players talk with their dollars, and their dollars have spoken loudly to the tune of almost $300 million in sales which tells me they like it," Excutive Director Texas Lottery Commission Reagan Greer said.

In its first year, the Mega Millions game sold $234 million worth of tickets, and $55 million worth of Megaplier tickets -- bringing in a total of $289 million. Thirty-eight cents of every dollar goes to the state.

Overall, lottery officials say sales are up 17 percent from last year. Sales in Lotto Texas, Two Step and Cash 5 have gone down.

"To be frank with you what I look at is the over all picture and the bottom line and the over all picture is sales are up and thats positive," Greer said.

This year, Texans won $118 million in the multi-state game. A man from Carrollton hit a $101 million jackpot in October.


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