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Massachusetts Judge Denies Demand for Lump-Sum Lottery Prize Payment

Topic closed. 20 replies. Last post 12 years ago by CASH Only.

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October 30, 2004
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Posted: December 31, 2004, 10:37 pm - IP Logged

Quote: Originally posted by Lee123 on December 31, 2004

Keeping the 7% is all right but what you dont know she is 94 years old

We DO know she is 94 years old - it's stated in an earlier story!

MOST states have the same rule about their lottery jackpots - and they're clearly spelled out. As I said before, if the lottery commissions started making exceptions, you're gonna get chaos.

And I do believe the rules are actually a legal thing - ie. can't be arbitarily changed. We're talking legally binding document.

Instead of kicking up all this fuss and bother, get the money via a third party and get it over and done with.

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    October 30, 2004
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    Posted: January 1, 2005, 12:53 am - IP Logged

    Er.....feelin' a little silly here!!! Happens when you reread things, sometimes...!!

    $5.6 million dollars?!?!? That's chicken feed in the lottery world! And here in Canada (I believe Blighty, too) that money would all be paid out. In fact, our lotteries all pay a lump sum - untaxed, too! Mind you, ya gotta pay tax once ya start earning interest, but that's a given.

    Still say, it's a legal thing. But the legal thing needs to be changed! If it can be done here, it can be done in the hoo-hess-hay!

    $5.6 mill-yun over 20 years?! Give to me the break!!

     = that situation!

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      October 29, 2004
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      Posted: January 1, 2005, 1:05 am - IP Logged
      Quote: Originally posted by hgabel on December 30, 2004

      The rules were clear and if lottery commissions start making exceptions, you're gonna get chaos.

      That's true. As much as I want to see her get a cash option decision from the judge, cos she's 94, rules are not made to be broken, except for the majority.

      It's a known thing to have another person (adult) claim your winning ticket "for you", for this reason we see before us (if this game had a cash option), and for other reasons.

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        September 28, 2004
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        Posted: January 2, 2005, 4:00 am - IP Logged

        can't she sell the annuity to one of those companies for a cash settlement?

          Roslindale, MA
          United States
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          July 1, 2004
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          Posted: January 2, 2005, 7:29 am - IP Logged

          It's unlikely the amount of cash she'd get from a third party would be as much as she would have received had she been able to take a lump sum in the first place.

          And that's assuming the third party is on the up-and-up (I have my doubts about some of these companies that advertise their services on TV - I'd put them about a half a cut above the shysters who peddle fortune-making secrets on late night infomercials).

            United States
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            June 5, 2002
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            Posted: January 21, 2005, 4:27 pm - IP Logged

            We simply need more people to boycott Megais bad$ until there is a cash option.