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Bangladeshi housemaid wins record Jordan lottery jackpot

Jan 6, 2005, 2:09 pm

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InternationalInternational: Bangladeshi housemaid wins record Jordan lottery jackpot

A Bangladeshi housemaid was reportedly the sole winner of Jordan's New Year lottery, netting record pre-tax prize money of 350,000 dollars.

It was the largest payout in the history of the lottery, which is run by the general union of charitable organisations, the official Petra news agency said.

Mohammad Abdel Malek, 57, had been working in Jordan for 23 years, one of tens of thousands of Asians employed in the kingdom on wages of as little as 100 dollars a month.

But the lucky winner will have to wait three or four weeks before pocketing his life-transforming windfall, lottery chief Hani Shaqaa told Petra.

He will also have to pay 11 percent tax on his winnings.


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2 comments. Last comment 16 years ago by MillionsWanted.
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United States
Member #6676
September 3, 2004
95 Posts

wow, what a nice story.

these immigrant workers in the Middle East work very very hard for very little money; its almost like a state sanctioned indentured servent system.

I wish her well! :)


    MillionsWanted's avatar - 24Qa6LT

    Member #9517
    December 10, 2004
    1760 Posts

    Perhaps she became richer than the family she was working for.
    No doubt she deserves it.