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Maryland Mega winner believes in magic

Topic closed. 64 replies. Last post 10 years ago by SoBe Yourself.

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September 4, 2007
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Posted: September 7, 2007, 8:25 am - IP Logged


Did you join LP today just to make the one post above?  The truth is when ever someone wins a lottery jackpot, there are lots of losers who feel they lost a dollar to someone less deserving than themselves and wish nothing but the worst for the lucky winners.  If I ever win, I will think twice before ever posting anything about it at LP.

Yes, Guru101 is such a pompous windbag he/she/it inspired me to fill out the registration info.

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    January 7, 2007
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    Posted: September 7, 2007, 6:12 pm - IP Logged

    Yes, Guru101 is such a pompous windbag he/she/it inspired me to fill out the registration info.

    How am I a pompous windbag? Please explain. I'm not the one who took the initiative to make derogatory statements about a person I don't even know. I wish more people would understand that knowing someone involves a lot more than reading a few articles and watching a few videos. If a few years from now, this guy has blown a ton of money, getting sued every week, kids getting into drugs, etc, etc, THEN the reputation that you people are describing might be worthy, but otherwise, nobody should be taking it upon themself to make derogatory statements about Bunky from the get go. To me, that's very shallow.

    Gonna win.Big Smile

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      September 5, 2007
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      Posted: September 7, 2007, 11:49 pm - IP Logged

      I did call Bunky an idiot.  And I meant it.  Was it harsh?  Well let's look at Bunky's accomplishments so far:

      NOTE: All of this stuff comes from press accounts 

      1. He bought a winning lottery ticket in a state that allows you to remain anonymous.

      2. So he called the press and announced himself as one of the winners.

      3. He then photocopyed his winning Lottery Ticket and carried it around with him showing it off to people. 

      4. Next he held a press conference at the Enchanted Tiki Room or whatever the name of that place is and announced that he made a deal with his Wiccan Gods to win the Lottery.  (By the way...how did all those people who were calling him there know he was going to be there?  I guess he must have told them.)

      5. He also bought a brand new Ford Explorer promising to pay for it when he got his lottery money.

      6. He's committed publiclly to helping/investing with his friends to expand the Enchanted Tiki Room.

      7. He's appeared on CNN to a world wide audience.

      8. He's announced he's throwing a party for his friends and family.

      9. He gave another press conference when he visited Lottery Headquarters and among other things he reiterated the deal he made with the Wiccan Gods.

      10. He got a glow in the dark Wiccan tattoo

      11. He reconfirmed his committment to invest in the Enchanted Titki Room and announced he was setting his family up in a Real Estate venture. 

      12. He announced he would be giving money to charity. 

      13. He announced he was buying a new house.  (Presumably before he opens the family Real Estate Venture.)

      14. He's appearing before another world wide audience on yet another National Network show today.  NBC's Today Show.

      And according to the Maryland Lottery he is still 7 to 10 days away from receiving his money.

      Once again I did call him an idiot.  And once again I meant it.  Why?  Well let's be clear about this.  I didn't call him an idiot because he's a Wiccan.  I didn't call him an idiot because of his appearance (as some people...not me...have pointed out).  I called him an idiot because he is doing absolutely everything the experts and the lessons learned by past big lottery winners tell us not to do.

      Now maybe Bunky will be the exception.  I doubt it  But maybe.  This guy is off to a horrible start.

      Just a few side notes to previous posters:


      Hey buddy...no harm no foul


      As a rule I really enjoy your posts.  This may be splitting hairs a bit but more than judging Bunky I was judging his actions  


      OK..so there's some animosity between us.  You believe the Hoosier Lottery is on the up and up I believe it is crooked.  You believe in the Tooth Fairy and I don't.  You believe in the Nancy Regan school for lottery winners and I say why put yourself in that position if you don't have to.  You say we're all weak but I have no doubt that you are as strong as a garlic milkshake.  So when you win that wopping big Hoosier Lottery Jackpot you've been dreaming about you can drive over to my house, hold a press conference on my front lawn and say:


      Then you can go to Maryland and hang around with Bunky at the Enchanted Tiki room and the 2 of you can say NO! NO! NO! to your heart's content.

      Finally...to all those who think this is sour grapes on my part.  I don't live in a Mega Millions state so I don't play.  I couldn't care less who wins it.  But Bunky is behaving like an idiot.  And I hate to see that.  The good news for Bunky is he will soon get a check for $32 million and I'm quite sure that with that kind of money he couldn't care less what Uncle Jim says or thinks. 

      May the Gods continue to bless you Bunky.  Because you're gonna need al the help you can get.


      Couldn't say it any better myself. Remember Howard Jack Whittaker Jr? This guy is the next version.

      "Greed makes people do strange things."

      -classic Peanuts cartoon strip

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        August 6, 2004
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        Posted: September 8, 2007, 2:23 am - IP Logged

        my best wishes!!! 

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          September 5, 2007
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          Posted: September 8, 2007, 4:22 am - IP Logged

          catduck it's o.k. bunkie..

          That is awesome!

          "Greed makes people do strange things."

          -classic Peanuts cartoon strip