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Praying mom wins $9 million lottery jackpot

Topic closed. 20 replies. Last post 10 years ago by unuovurhaye.

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February 23, 2005
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Posted: November 29, 2007, 9:41 am - IP Logged

Me again! Another thing. If you think I am trying to rain on her parade and being a party pooper! i'm not just being real! If your going to attribute something to God. I will have to check the validity of your attributions with the source. I'm happy for her, she won! It just wasn't God thats all I'm sayin so dont read into what I said more than that IT simply wasnt GOD!

Question for everyone, Let say she buys her brother,son, whoever? That nice sports car he's always wanted and he takes a curve to fast and dies, was it GOD then who let her win the lottery! ?

At that moment her whole view will change to;

"Why would God let me win the lottery just to use it to take away my loved one in an accident IT doesn't make sense! Yeah Cause it wasnt God who let you win! GOT IT NOW!


People who win the lottery have to be very CAREFUL what they do with the money!

Winning a lottery jackpot is more of a "set up" for your demise that anything else sometimes! The hundreds of terrible stories of those who won only to see their lives completely ruined by it is still untold! Yeah it was God sure it was! God let you win cause he wanted to watch your life be ruin more than it already was before winning. NOT!


If this woman was truely listening to God in the past previous years what the hell was she in forclosure anyhow? I bet gambling has something to do with it!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, its a free country.  If this lady believes in  the power of prayer and a lot of people do, who is to say it was not God.. Have you met him? Did he tell you that he did not do it?   Non belief is what satan thrives on and  Negative energies.... It takes positive energy and believing in something to get things done...

Just because you buy your loved one something they want and something tragic happens as a result of it, why in the world would you assume God did it if she prayed to him for the win?  You have to remember that there is Good and Evil.....Just an example for you:  I work in a hospital ICU for children and parents pray to God all the time for their child's recovery...One of our patient's did get better with God's help..let's face it, he guided the surgeon's skilled hand because mistakes happen.  Well this child went out with friends was killed....Would you say God did it to him.....I THINK NOT!! Satan is always waiting in the shadows to undo what God has done.  Like I said in the beginning, people are entitled to their own opinion...

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    Posted: November 29, 2007, 10:21 am - IP Logged

    People have their beliefs and if something good happens, they want to give thanks for that special event in thier lives. God did not tell that woman to gamble. Perhaps God intervened on her behalf because he knew she was in trouble and needed help in a way than most of us may not understand. God works in mysterious ways and we should be thankful when something fortunate happens in our lives and give thanks to God. I do believe that we should not 'pray' to God to win the lottery as thats not appropriate. But if your 'prayer' to God is to somehow come across some financial windwall for a worthy cause or a life threatening situation, then God may 'use' the lottery as a means to give you that money. He wont just say 'Go and rob a bank! '  ...well..thats my 2 cents.

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     Don't Play more, Play Smarter!

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      September 8, 2007
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      Posted: November 29, 2007, 6:20 pm - IP Logged

      Hey,i read what you wrote it doesn't make no sense to me at all.God work in different ways no man can understand, for instance the theif that died on the cross with Jesus christ, is he only? God does answers prayer irrespective of who you are, the sins you've commited, and plus who is man to know how God does his things? So for me whatever that happens in Life God does know about everything.If i have the chance today i will pray to God to win a lottery, if he does answer it fine and if he doesn't answer it i will not stop thanking him and i will not stop playing lottery.

      And by the way why are you in here if you don't believe gambling is right? men believe it or not, if i win 100million, i will give some to charity,don't you think God will be pleased with me?

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        March 30, 2006
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        Posted: November 30, 2007, 6:31 am - IP Logged

        I'm happy for the lady! God is good, whether you win the lotto or not! Thumbs Up

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          September 18, 2007
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          Posted: November 30, 2007, 7:35 am - IP Logged

          I think if I were to give this reply a name, a suitable name would be
          "Does God "prevent" people from winning the lottery?"

          The answer would be No! The key word being "prevent" in otherwords, he doesn't prevent it!
          But just because he knows something doesnt mean he made it happen!

          Did God prevent the many times you and I hurt ourselves as children? Whether it was a baseball that hit you in the face or that bat the batter swung as he threw it back and hit you in the leg as he went running for first base, did God make him throw the bat? Or you wiping out on your bike and skinning your knee and hands! Did God make that happen? Or that bee sting. It hurt, Did God prevent that from occuring? No, and God did not prevent this woman from playing either. Its not so much that God "let" her win but rather God didn't "prevent" her from playing.

          If its God then anyone who buys more than one ticket is an athiest. If God is so big then it only takes 1 ticket! Wheres your faith? The more you buy the less your trust that God can do it for you with 1. If you really believe its God! Any more and you're doubting God on each additional ticket you buy, in otherwords you are not trusting God but rather trusting in increasing your chances of winning by buying more tickets. And God somehow goes out the door. Wheres your faith!?
          Therefor everyone who buys more than one ticket is an athiest!

           Lets for the sake of argument say, it was God who lets people win the lottery, We do know that God does know the winning lottery numbers before their drawn, since God knows everthing and has for-knowledge of every event.

          So God knows every murder,rape, sin or devilish act or event that will occure before it occures. The Almighty knows Who will win the lottery jackpot and, how many people will die from 1941 to 2013
          So likewise he knew Gloria Aguda would be the winner!

          God knows who would win the UK lottery, the Brazilian lottery the Colorado lottery and so on.. He knows every winner that would ever win since the inception of lottery. So since God knows everything you might say it wasnt even chance or luck that she won at all but rather an already known event in the mind of the Creator, you follow me here? she was a puppet!

          But along this same vien of thought GOD also knows every cat that would ever fall out of every tree,the exact time, place and if the tree will be a birch, oak or elm and additionally the color of each cat! And whether or not that cat would die from falling out of that tree. Cats seldom die from falling out of a tree.

          Therefor God "made" her win right?

          Is there something wrong with losing your house,your car, becoming homeless? There's worse things! I think God would have one stop being afraid of losing these things before he would "give in to your whining sobbing little prayer" to win the lottery so you dont lose everything,
          God has never givin in to anyone and become their slave to their crying. I've lost more than this woman only "feared" losing, but I havent won the lottery! People have lost far more, wifes havelost husbands at war, you've probably lost far more than she even feared losing. I'm not upset or mad. I hope you're not getting that impression. I accept life the way it is. But she didnt win the lottery because she was whining and crying and sobbing about losing some building made from 2 x 4's, cement and glass! Good grief! Millions of homes go into forclosure. If thats the case then God plays favorites! Hey God is our new real-estate answer! Its a numbers game. If you win its cause you played!

          Its more that God doesn't prevent people from playing! Not that he made it happen!

          That's cool she won! I dont care what she does with the money cause I'm sure it will be something Godly since God gave it to her! I'm not getting any of it I can bet my soul on that one!

          Who knows? Maybe one day I'll win the lottery and can give God the glory!

          I once heard of a story about a priest who went into a gas station asked for some directions and the lady gave him a lottery ticket and some Dentyne. He said whats this? She said what you asked for? He said I asked if you could give me some directions, she said I would have sworn you said a lottery ticket and some Dentyne, she said i cant take it back, he won! Go figure?

          It's a NanoLike World!

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            September 8, 2007
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            Posted: November 30, 2007, 12:37 pm - IP Logged

            Everything you wrote on here is right but i still want you to know that God does answers prayers.