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Illinois Lottery gives players a second chance

Jun 4, 2008, 1:05 pm

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Illinois LotteryIllinois Lottery: Illinois Lottery gives players a second chance

Non-winning tickets can be replayed for a chance to win $1 million

To launch its "Replay for Riches" summer promotion, the Illinois Lottery invited people across the state of Illinois to share one moment in their lives that deserved a second chance.

A camera crew set to the streets and talked to nearly 100 people about their "second chance" moments.  Some responses included:

  • "I would have called the guy that gave me his number."
  • "I wouldn't have re-gifted. I received a little mug and then gave it back to the same person I got it from."
  • "I would relive my senior prom....don't ask!"
  • "It would be my wedding day. And, my husband would be on time instead of late and having someone go find him."

All the video responses can be viewed at www.illinoislottery.com.  Visitors to the site can also take part in an interactive survey that asks participants to select a moment that they would want to "replay" and view the results in real-time.

According to the survey, the 5 most popular second-chance "replay" moments thus far include:

  1. I would have chosen a different career path.
  2. I would have taken that vacation.
  3. I wouldn't have married so young.
  4. I would have gotten more exercise.
  5. I would have called/visited my parents more.

As an added bonus, online visitors can play virtual scratch-off games and access details on how they can "Replay for Riches" this summer and get a second chance at striking it rich.

Between now and August 29, 2008, the Lottery will select 12 weekly winners to participate in their "Replay for Riches" promotion.

Each winner will attend a special qualifying round and spin the "Replay for Riches" wheel, which features prize amounts varying from $25,000 to $150,000.

Each contestant will then decide whether to receive a prize check for the amount shown on the wheel or to place the amount won on the "Replay for Riches" leader board, with a chance to participate in the summer promotion's finale.

The six contestants with the highest amounts on the leader board at the end of the promotion will attend the "Replay for Riches" finale, where one lucky winner will go home with $1 million and the remaining five finalists will walk away with $100K.

"This summer's promotion is one of the Lottery's best ever," said Illinois Lottery Director of Marketing Sarah Cummins. "Not only are we offering a variety of exciting games and a chance at $1 million, but our microsite has increased our online presence to further engage our players."

All qualifying instant tickets are marked with the "Million Dollar Summer" logo in the upper right hand corner. These tickets include: "Sunny Money" ($1 ticket), "Five Star Cash" ($5 ticket), "$2,000,000 Go For the Gold" ($20 ticket), "Sizzlin Showdown" ($3 ticket), "Summer Spectacular" ($10 ticket), "Volley Bucks" ($2 ticket), and all online games purchased between April 22, 2008 and August 29, 2008.

To enter, players have two options:

Option #1 - Enter Online

Enter via www.Illinoislottery.com by registering $30 in qualifying non-winning tickets.  Players should click on the "Million Dollar Summer" logo on the home page then click the Online Ticket Entry tab on the right hand side.

Option #2 - Enter by Mail

Send in $30 in qualifying non-winning tickets with the player's name, address and phone number on the back of each non-winning entry ticket to:

Illinois Lottery "Million Dollar Summer" Promotion
P.O. Box 19086
Springfield, Il 62794-9086

Press release, Lottery Post Staff

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Chief Bottle Washer
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May 31, 2000
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I love these second chance promotions.  I wish every lottery did this kind of thing full-time. 


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    Captain Lotto's avatar - CaptLotto
    Jefferson City, MO
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    September 20, 2007
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    No doubt. This is an especially good one.  There's nothing better than a game show.  There's no other Lottery game where you get to simultaneously enjoy the winning moment. 

    Captain Lotto

    "Every day is a good day!"

      chicago illinois
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      February 26, 2003
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      I often wonder about the Illinois Lottery I entered one of their first second chance drawing mailed  in tickets and put them on line at least 3 shoe boxes got tickects from my family when the results came out no tickets were put from the website. I e-mail illinois lottery and complained .