Man plays same number on 20 lottery tickets, wins $90K

Apr 16, 2009, 9:57 pm (7 comments)

Virginia Lottery

RICHMOND, Va. — A North Carolina man has a knack for picking the winning number for Virginia Lottery drawings.

The Virginia Lottery said Wednesday that Steve Granger of Henderson, N.C., won $90,800 in Sunday night's Pick 4 drawing by playing the same number combination, 5-1-1-7, on 20 tickets.

Sixteen tickets each won $5,000 because Granger wagered "exact order" on them. The other four tickets each won $2,700 because he wagered "50/50" on them.

Granger said if he has a feeling about a number, he'll play it.

Granger had won $900,000 in the lottery's Cash 5 drawing on Sept. 28, 2005.




Wow !$  Congratulations Mr. Granger...

diamondpalace's avatardiamondpalace

Gut feeling is the KEY to winning. If it says don't play, you don't, and if it says PLAY IT! Then proceed :)

ricky p

Wow! he must have been really confident... like those stories. The lottery have been taking people moneys to much. I wish another person could do the same. I will be tthe next

ThatScaryChick's avatarThatScaryChick

Congrats to him! That is definitely a lot of money to put down on one number, but I bet he is happy he did.

Halle99's avatarHalle99

Wow BIG congrats to him....He is a rich man.....Party

time*treat's avatartime*treat

Play like you mean it. Smash


I see this done A LOT usually to avoid taxes if it comes out BOX or if a Pick-3 STR comes out. If you have one good number instead of several iffy ones you are better off that way.  The catch is in pari-mutuel if you win that many you will water down the prize; I guess they have fixed payouts.

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