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Arizona Lottery announces raffle with 'Early Bird' drawing

Oct 30, 2009, 7:28 am

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Arizona LotteryArizona Lottery: Arizona Lottery announces raffle with 'Early Bird' drawingRating:

Early buyers also get free Powerball tickets

PHOENIX, Az. — With Christmas and New Year's Day approaching, the state lotteries are once again preparing their latest holiday raffle promotions.

Thursday the Arizona Lottery announced their "Holiday Edition" of the Millionaire Raffle game that will award more than $3 million in total cash prizes, including one $1 million grand prize and a special Early Bird drawing on Nov. 19 worth $100,000.

Tickets for the Arizona Lottery's latest Millionaire Raffle go on sale this Sunday, Nov. 1, at retailers where Lottery products are sold.

As an added incentive, all players who purchase a Millionaire Raffle "Holiday Edition" ticket for the Early Bird drawing by 2 p.m. on Nov. 19 will also receive a free Powerball ticket.

In three weeks, on Nov. 19, the Arizona Lottery will hold a special Early Bird drawing that will give players the opportunity to win 20 prizes of $5,000. All tickets purchased by Nov. 19 for the Early Bird drawing are still eligible to win all of the other prizes at the main drawing on Jan. 4 — even if they've already won a $5,000 prize on Nov. 19.

Lottery officials expect the $20 tickets to sell out quickly, as there are only 300,000 tickets available for purchase — 50,000 fewer than previous Millionaire Raffles.

"Just in time for the holidays, we are so excited to be able to offer our players an extra-special opportunity to win big at our Early Bird drawing," said Jeff Hatch-Miller, executive director of the Arizona Lottery. "Because tickets are automatically entered into the main drawing on Jan. 4 — even if they already won a big prize on Nov. 19 — we expect tickets to sell quickly as players realize they have great odds at winning a fantastic cash prize."

In addition to the single $1 million prize and the 20 Early Bird prizes of $5,000, there are six $100,000 prizes, 40 $10,000 prizes, 750 $1,000 prizes and 350 $500 prizes.

With just 300,000 tickets available, the Millionaire Raffle "Holiday Edition" offers players the best odds ever at winning $1 million. The $20 tickets are sold in sequential order, and sales will stop once the last of the tickets has been sold.

Winning numbers will be posted on Lottery Post's Arizona Lottery Results page (www.lotterypost.com/results/az) after 5:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 4.

Also, the $1 million winning raffle number will be announced that evening during the 10 p.m. newscasts on Channel 15 (ABC) in Phoenix, Channel 13 (CBS) in Tucson, and in Spanish on Univision Arizona.

Lottery Post Staff

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4 comments. Last comment 12 years ago by TnTicketlosers.
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April 28, 2009
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Well, looks like I gotta spend another $20 now. I know a lotta people say the raffles are a bad bet but when I get that feelin' I just gotta do what I gotta do. I have friends down there that can pick one up for me. I never won much in the AZ lottery when I lived there. Maybe living in TN now will change my luck.

                 Merry Christmas!                                

(I don't say "Happy Holiday" for the 4th of July and I ain't sayin' it for Christmas either)


    tiggs95's avatar - Lottery-036.jpg

    United States
    Member #47419
    November 4, 2006
    3930 Posts

    I played a cash 5 out there and my sister who lives in Surprise Az bought it for me..It hit for 500.00..She said when she cashed the ticket music came out of the machine and sang "I'm in the money"..I gave her 100.00 of my winnings..She has no luck at all out there but when I win she wins and when she wins I win..I know she will have a raffle ticket going..You only need one to win so good luck..

      johnph77's avatar - avatar
      United States
      Member #2987
      December 10, 2003
      832 Posts

      They might be taking in less but the total payout is also lower. For a $6,000,000 buyin the total payout is $3,025,000, a payout percentage of 50.42% - about average for state-run lotteries.

      Blessed Saint Leibowitz, keep 'em dreamin' down there..... 

      Next week's convention for Psychics and Prognosticators has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


        TnTicketlosers's avatar - Lottery-065.jpg

        United States
        Member #71118
        February 19, 2009
        1224 Posts

        Thank you for saying I have a good idea,I would have the best lottery in the United States,,Georgia would be second..Most people would play in my state...because I would be straight up about it all.Crooks don't win in the end,they still have to answer to God.