Winner of airline lottery eats winning ticket

Mar 1, 2010, 2:04 pm (33 comments)

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Yes, that's right, he ate the winning ticket

A passenger flying on a Ryanair flight Thursday from Krakow, Poland, to the U.K.'s East Midlands airport ate a winning lottery ticket worth 10,000 euros ($15,000) when he was told he could not claim the prize mid-flight.

The cabin crew advised the winner that he would have to redeem the winning ticket directly with the company that runs the lottery, as it was such a large sum.

The passenger proceeded to become so irate that he ate the winning ticket.

The unusual in-flight meal turned out to be very expensive, as the consumption of the lottery ticket invalidated his claim.

The airline was asking visitors to its website to decide which charity should get the €10,000 prize.

"Passengers have always been delighted to claim their large cash prizes after returning home," Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said.

"Unfortunately our latest winner felt that we should have his €10,000 prize kicking around on the aircraft."

Ryanair and Brand Force, the scratch card company, have decided to offer the cash prize to charity and have asked Ryanair passengers to vote on the Ryanair Web site ( for which type of charity Ryanair should donate the €10,000 prize to.  The online poll closes March 5.

The possible choices for the charity are:

  1. An Anger Management Charity
  2. An Eating Disorder Charity
  3. A Gamblers Charity
  4. A Disruptive Children's Charity
  5. A Mental Health Charity

"Crew tried to stop the air Gourmet Scratch Card eater by offering him one of our great tasting sandwiches, pizzas or snacks instead, but clearly he had much more expensive tastes," McNamara quipped.

"Ryanair is now asking passengers to vote on which type of charity Ryanair should donate the €10,000 prize money to with one charity from anger management, eating and digestive disorders to disruptive children's and mental health charities now set to benefit from a real meal ticket."

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MADDOG10's avatarMADDOG10

What a M O R O N.......!

Hope it tasted like Caviar....... Bang Head


Quote: Originally posted by MADDOG10 on Mar 1, 2010

What a M O R O N.......!

Hope it tasted like Caviar....... Bang Head

Yeah, this man was crazy, he didn't deserve the money acting like that, I hope the money goes to a good charity and helps those who need it.

onenumber's avataronenumber

Stupid!!  I hope he feels like an idiot!

konane's avatarkonane

ThudLost cabin pressure inside his head maybe????

ThatScaryChick's avatarThatScaryChick

So, he ate a ticket worth $15,000 because he couldn't wait to get it cashed? What a loon. Well, at least a charity will be able to benefit from all this.


   H I L A R I O U S!!!!!!!!!!

Set4life's avatarSet4life

Hmmm very fishyDead


what an idiot.  seriously i thought they were going to give him $15,000 on the plane???  h3ll i wouldn want anyone knowing i had 15,000 on meCool

sully16's avatarsully16

Thats a very expensive BM.

jrosina's avatarjrosina

Anger rests in the Bosom of Fools! You have to go to Stupid-fool-School to be that Foolish!!Chair

Guru101's avatarGuru101

What a fool.Hit With Stick

maringoman's avatarmaringoman

wow, and the way I'm broke?! That money was enough for me to attend the 2010 FIFA world cup finals in South Africa this summerUnhappy

Play-girl's avatarPlay-girl

(In My Fred Sanford Voice) U Big Dummy!!

JAP69's avatarJAP69

The guy probably figured he was going to mictuate it away anyhow. Might as well do it right.

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