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Mega Millions: $168M Christmas Eve lottery jackpot

Topic closed. 31 replies. Last post 7 years ago by HaveABall.

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January 7, 2007
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Posted: December 24, 2010, 1:18 am - IP Logged

I think you may have looked at the wrong thing?


This was about MegaMillions, which isn't drawn tonight, and I don't think anyone won the PowerBall.

Now I'm thinking how weird it will be if someone from Indiana does win on the 24th...

Winner from Indiana. That's what I read.Big Smile

Gonna win.Big Smile

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    March 18, 2009
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    Posted: December 24, 2010, 2:37 pm - IP Logged

    i love people who don't read what i say


    if you FREAKING READ my post, i even said quote

    "with 69 million cash invested in stocks, ,that's even  atfer tax's 35%!"

    i said, i have 69M to invest ATFER 35% , thats ATFER max fed tax rate,

    next time, try talking to someone who does not read usamega jackpot Jackpot Analysis

    i like to think of my self as a Professional invester, as i have already done the research and could beat easy annuity payments

    only thing the annuity payments have is they invest the money into CARP govt bonds with the money BEFORE tax's, you sure pay the tax's on collecting of the money

    so don't be fooled,  while you have all of the currect 107 cash invested into the govt annuity, you sure pay tax's, i was trying to tell people

    to take the 35% max tax now,  and use the 69m in cash atfer full fed rate , and YOU CAN sure make more money, per year  and for the rest of your life

    god do i hate people not understanding logic

    Heads up ... this applies to us future multi-millions $ lottery jackpot winners:

    - Our current U.S.A. President, Barack Hussein Obama, and his administration has spent the last 6 months writing and saying that they intend to INCREASE the qualified dividends and long-term capital gains rate to a whopping 20% in year 2011!

    - Our current U.S.A. President, Barach Hussain Obama, and his administration has spent the last 6 months writing and saying that they intend to INCREASE the Federal Maximum Tax Bracket rate to a whopping 39.6% in year 2011!

    - It is possible that since most of the U.S.A.'s states are either in or near bankruptcy they TOO may increase their tax rates for income earned and income received from lottery winnings!

    - It is reported that hundreds of thousands of "municipal bonds" will be 'falling-through-their-floors' before mid next year, 2011!

    Summing it up, careful, new and somewhat seasoned investors. True, you must quite your job to become a part-time investor once you win a multi-million dollar net jackpot lump sum or even annuity.  However, don't rush with real investments yet.  Instead, spend six months reading daily and making "pretend paper-trades" whether these be:  stock purchses, stock option trading w/insurances, mutual fund purchases, ETF, futures, hedge fund purchases, and/or bond purchases.  They all have risk, your priority should be seeing how to get as close to 90% ensurance of profit as you can get.  Most of the prior can't guarantee that.  Best to keep your money in many FDIC insured accounts -- until you are ready to transfer much of the money into investing accounts with a couple different companies.  And then divide those company's accounts into several sub-accounts.  Diversify in every conceivable way.  Lastly, keep rembering that you already won, no need to play the lottery anymore nor plan more than safer 2% each month on balances in each account.  Can you each see how to do this correctly and safely, a multi-million $ net jackpot winner couldn't possibly work a full-time "outside job"?

    Since it takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to receive the electronic funds transfer, after claiming a multi-million $$ jackpot at the 'ticket purchase state's lottery headquarters' in the U.S.A., that means that all winners from here on out will be receiving their monies in year 2011.  Time for us to now fight these proposed tax increases OR re-calculate the net amounts received from cash lump sums OR both!  This way our calculations will be more accurate.  Better to figure on the conservative, rather than be wounded by too much being taken out by state and or fed taxes, and giving too much or soon to friend, relative, and/or charity.

    Having several millions of dollars in my financial accounts means receiving several valuable services each day!