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Massachusetts Lottery closes loophole after big wins

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Posted: August 8, 2011, 9:38 am - IP Logged

What don't you get? Management and myself already explained it to you quite thoroughly, go back and read.

I never said the players did anything wrong, but I agree that the lotto commission had to take action, as the game was flawed. The lottery is supposed to ba a game of chance, with equal risk and reward for all players large and small. So when a problem or loophole is discovered in a game, they have to take corrective action. It was not some "oh the government and the liberals are out to get me" hysterics that you were whining about, it was business.

Such was the case here, where the well intentioned rolldown feature on a jackpot game created a loophole where a minority of players with the knowledge and ability could have significantly reduced risk. Or with the extended play Scratch game playfield patterns was found to have a flaw, they needed to take corrective action there. Or when the pick-3 RNG was found to not be producing certain kinds of numbers, they had to take corrective action there. Otherwise the integrity of the lottery would be in question, as it would be weighted towards a minority who had the knowledge and ability to take advantage of it.

Why you would be arguing against this is beyond me. Except that you tend to want to argue about anything just for aguins sake...

Almost any lottery game can be beaten if players don't have a spending limit, it just not pratical to try.  Massachusetts roll downs made it too pratical not to try for players with $100,000+ to gamble with little risk.  The big spenders will be there as long as the roll downs exist, they just have to involve more stores with the new limits.

Ohio's Classic Lotto has a jackpot of $40M+/cash $20M and it not illegal for anyone with $14M to try and buy all the possilbe combinations in 2-3 days and win/share the jackpot with other prizes worth $1.5M but it's not pratical. It would be even less pratical to brag about it if they did it.

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