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Florida couple, nearly penniless, claim half of $414M lottery jackpot

Mega MillionsMega Millions: Florida couple, nearly penniless, claim half of $414M lottery jackpot

She had less than $5 cash with her when she filed for bankruptcy two years ago, but Tuesday, a Merritt Island, Florida, woman held a giant novelty check for more than $200 million in lottery winnings.

Federal court documents show Robyn Ann Collier's personal property on April 30, 2012 included $4.73 "cash on hand." In February this year, her boyfriend was laid off from his job at a boat-building company, according to their attorney, David Presnick.

But in March, Collier bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket at a Sunoco gas station on South Courtenay Parkway on Merritt Island, according to a release. She and her boyfriend, Raymond Moyer, had the winning numbers.

"We didn't know we had won until the next morning when the numbers were on the news," Collier said in a release. "I paused the TV and ran to get the ticket to double check the numbers and when I realized they all matched I jumped off the couch in excitement and told Raymond we had won."

"I didn't believe her until I saw the store where we purchased the ticket on the news," Moyer said in a release. "It was definitely a shock, but it is an incredible blessing that will allow us to do many things we would not have had the opportunity to do before."

The Merritt Island winners split the $414 million jackpot with one other winner from Maryland — nobody has claimed that prize yet.

The winnings were awarded in one lump-sum payment: $115,448,968. The money was deposited in the Cobie and Seamus Trust, named after Moyer and Collier's dogs, according to Florida Lottery Spokeswoman Shelly Gerteisen. Moyer and Collier are members of the trust. Gerteisen explained that a trust is not uncommon for winners of large jackpots.

Collier said in a video that she still plans to work. Moyer said they would make investments and go traveling — he wants to take Collier to Ireland.

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AP, Lottery Post Staff

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70 comments. Last comment 4 years ago by Saylorgirl.
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April 14, 2006
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Posted: May 1, 2014, 9:07 pm - IP Logged

Now thats wassup!

That money's gone fo ever

    ThatScaryChick's avatar - pI8lWzJ

    United States
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    November 21, 2007
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    Posted: May 1, 2014, 9:17 pm - IP Logged

    Very cool! Congrats to them on their big win. Smile

    "No one remembers the person who almost climbed the mountain, only the person who eventually gets to the top."

      Artist77's avatar - batman14

      United States
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      January 16, 2012
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      Posted: May 1, 2014, 9:25 pm - IP Logged

      And they are going to go to ND football games!  My type of people! We are ND! We are ND!!!!!

      Demand justice for Kokito!!!! United Airlines is a criminal. Boycott United Airlines.

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        October 12, 2011
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        Posted: May 1, 2014, 9:37 pm - IP Logged

        What a blessings...I'm happy for them.Smile

        White Bounce

          Miami, Florida
          United States
          Member #111795
          June 2, 2011
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          Posted: May 1, 2014, 9:38 pm - IP Logged

          And they are going to go to ND football games!  My type of people! We are ND! We are ND!!!!!

          I saw that in the news yesterday, too!!! Yeah baby!!! GO IRISH!!!


            United States
            Member #141034
            April 2, 2013
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            Posted: May 1, 2014, 9:49 pm - IP Logged

            Nice looking couple. God bless them.

            Seek and ye shall find -Matt. 7:7 ...Ask and ye shall receive -John 16:24 ...Give and it shall be given unto you -Luke 6:38 ...Be careful what you ask for!!! -Mypiemaster 1:1

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              United States
              Member #135804
              November 29, 2012
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              Posted: May 1, 2014, 11:04 pm - IP Logged

              Congrats to them

                New Member
                Forrest city
                United States
                Member #119548
                November 27, 2011
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                Posted: May 2, 2014, 4:19 am - IP Logged

                Congrats May God continue to Bless and Protect you all I'm claiming my Blessing its Coming lolI Agree!

                  dallascowboyfan's avatar - chi
                  United States
                  Member #82391
                  November 12, 2009
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                  Posted: May 2, 2014, 4:25 am - IP Logged

                  congratulation Robyn & Raymond Hurray!

                  I Love Pink & Green 1908

                    hearsetrax's avatar - 0118

                    United States
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                    May 21, 2007
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                    Posted: May 2, 2014, 6:30 am - IP Logged


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                      Eatontown, NJ
                      United States
                      Member #119670
                      November 29, 2011
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                      Posted: May 2, 2014, 8:37 am - IP Logged

                      I'm not jealous of them, I am happy for them. That is unusual.



                        United States
                        Member #150102
                        December 15, 2013
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                        Posted: May 2, 2014, 8:38 am - IP Logged

                        Why is it that nearly every person who wins a huge jackpot say, "I'm going to continue to work"? Is this a required statement to make in public so it would seem you're going to stay grounded? If i take home anything over 5 million, I will never work again! I'll have hobbies but as far as working, nope.

                          IPlayWeekly's avatar - avatarmoney
                          Columbus, Ohio
                          United States
                          Member #128906
                          June 5, 2012
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                          Posted: May 2, 2014, 8:43 am - IP Logged

                          Congrats, this is a great story... I'm leaving my job with a 2 million win

                            United States
                            Member #76332
                            June 24, 2009
                            21 Posts
                            Posted: May 2, 2014, 9:01 am - IP Logged

                            Despite my state of florida not allowing anonimity, isnt there a way for their attorneys to claim this in their names (attorneys) but regardless it goes to the trust the lucky winners established. 

                            Because as we can see the media is already digging into their records, talking about lost jobs, bankruptcy and who knows what else may come up in the near future. No one wants to deal with all that!!

                            So my question is , is there a way their attorneys can go around this? (loophole i shd say). I know it may cost a lot of money , but its something i would def consider if i won "even' 1M.

                            never take advise from someone unless you are willing to live their lifestyle