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Irish Lottery winner giving away $44 million fortune

Topic closed. 31 replies. Last post 6 years ago by THRIFTY.

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Bondi Junction
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December 24, 2007
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If she wishes to give it away, it is her choice. However, it was not a good move to go public. She will be badgered by people with sorrowful stories begging for money.

Especially as the UK lottery allows winners to remain anonymous.

We all get a lot out of lotteries!

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    October 28, 2009
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    She's a real nice lady, wishing her Health and Happiness.

    TurkeyHappy Thanksgiving.

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      June 5, 2012
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      Great heart, however, I think she's going about it the wrong way.  You cannot simply throw money at a problem and think its solved.  She should have set up a foundartion and focused on 3 major issues instead of trying to save the town.  At this rate, she'll be broke within 5yrs.

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        March 1, 2014
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        Wow, i can relate to this, and i don`t regret anything. Good job woman !


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          May 31, 2006
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          Good for her! I love to hear this. The eye of the needle is wide open for her...she will have no trouble passing through.

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            October 16, 2008
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            It is her money to give away, but her simplistic approach will not work.

            She will most likely wish that she had kept more of the money.

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              April 2, 2013
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              Charity begins at home. Good job, Woman. Please try not to go broke. Thumbs Up

              Seek and ye shall find -Matt. 7:7 ...Ask and ye shall receive -John 16:24 ...Give and it shall be given unto you -Luke 6:38 ...Be careful what you ask for!!! -Mypiemaster 1:1

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                December 20, 2012
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                It is her money to give away, but her simplistic approach will not work.

                She will most likely wish that she had kept more of the money.

                That's what I'm thinking.   I figured that if she lives 30 more yrs. and doesn't make a major purchase, the amt. she has decided to keep will allow her close to 1100 bucks/week, not factoring in any interest she'll earn.  That's over ten times what she was getting on the dole, so I wonder if she thinks since she survived on that smaller amt., 10x that will do her well. 

                I'm not familiar with the cost of things in Ireland, but I reckon it's close to the same as is in England.  Nearly everything there is quite a bit more expensive than it is in the U.S., from gasoline to food to utilities.  About the only major expense I know is cheaper over there is high-speed Internet.  Everything is taxed, too...a value added tax (VAT) on items plus there's a tax on each TV you have in your house...it's unreal when my Brit friends tell me the price of things.   Just figure the minimum amt. you'd need to live over here and add 30-40% to live there at a bare subsistence level.

                God bless her for wanting to do good with her new-found wealth, but I hope she keeps back more for her golden years.

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                  December 12, 2010
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                  Great win!!!  I can appreciate the great heart and warmth of this lady...  A true blessing many ways!

                  Her concept of reality is she is still thinking she's poor  ...she believes she really doesn't deserve it and people will pick her dry like ravens>>>>

                  She needs to do 3  things now before its too late....once this money is gone she will regret it hugely and no one will help.

                  She can put ....2  million in her own high interest account acct and live on that!!!


                  She splits the remainder in 2 other accounts one is say 15,000,000.00 an untouchable account,  this is her forever safe gaurd on earth and never have to starve or worry....a beautiful amazing interest account she can buy and pay with of the interest of this account including taxes but never touch the principle of the 15,0000,0000 million.


                  The next account is her generousity account of trust hell she can name it that .... any need or interest of giving goes through this business...however their is one rule ....gifts are made based on the interest accumalated on this money only,  and she will and can always be a giving heart and we won't hear a sad story how she lost it all!!


                  Be Smart this is a huge amazing blessing!!!

                  I' Am Blessed And Highly Favored.  I Thank-You, Our Lord Jesus and YHWH!Sun Smiley

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                    February 27, 2012
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                    I seriously could use a part of that money.

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                      December 12, 2012
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                      I seriously could use a part of that money.

                      What's preventing you from making contact- you not too far from her home base SergeM.

                      Find out beforehand if she is into " Skulls".

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                        August 16, 2014
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                          May 13, 2013
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                          this is an amazingly generous and selfless act and I do hope that it results in good things for her. 

                          But her approach is wrong and very misguided and will only result in a short term boon for the community. This is a feed a man fish vs teach a man to fish cliche. If there are many unemployed people in that community and they aren't unemployed by choice then either there are a lack of jobs in the area or they aren't sufficiently skilled/educated to obtain the jobs available. That money would be much better spent setting up businesses and educational workshops. Teaching skill sets and providing gainful employment opportunities should have been her focus. Being the town's Santa Claus was not the smart way to handle this.

                          Eventually the money she's giving to people now will run out and they'll still be unemployed and right back in the same situation they are in now.

                            dallascowboyfan's avatar - chi
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                            November 12, 2009
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                            Aww what a good woman may God continue to bless you Mrs. Margaret.

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                              February 11, 2014
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                              Pay it forward,good for margaret,I don,t think I would be that generous.But congrats on ur win. Its her money she can do what ever she wants with.