Man arraigned in lottery winner's death

Feb 10, 2015, 9:53 am (19 comments)

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It was a cold case that some said might never be solved: An elderly Detroit man, whose family said he'd won $20,000 in a lottery game, was found frozen rock-solid in a vacant house after going missing Dec. 20.

But Detroit police made an arrest just days after finding the body Sunday, Feb. 1, of 86-year-old Arthur Weldon Neal, covered up in the basement of a derelict home in the 15800 block of Mansfield — near Fenkell and the Southfield Freeway, in northwest Detroit.

Quanzell Alonzo Hood, 20, of Detroit, was arraigned at the 34th District Court in Romulus Saturday.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office charged Hood with one count of first-degree murder and felony murder. Both carry a sentence of life in prison without parole.

He is being held without bond in the Wayne County Jail.

"It is alleged that Hood knew the victim, believed the victim was in possession of a sum of money, and beat the victim to death during the larceny or attempted larceny of that money," said a news release Friday from the Prosecutor's Office.

In addition to the beating, an autopsy showed that Neal suffered multiple stab wounds, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office said earlier this week.

"It was a heinous crime — taking advantage of senior citizens is extremely disheartening," Detroit police Assistant Chief Steven Dolunt said.

"Luckily, through a collaborative effort between citizens and police, we were able to bring a criminal to justice and closure to the family," Dolunt said Friday night.

Police said they are working to find out if Neal's winning $20,000 lottery check ever was cashed. Family members told police that Neal went missing just a few days after winning the lottery game, when they found his home in disarray with the front door wide open, according to the Black and Missing Foundation's on-line notice.

The 86-year-old was spry and still did occasional masonry work, family members said, according to the foundation notice.

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Hang this sick <snip>.  He is a minice to society and need to be put away FOREVER.

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ThatScaryChick's avatarThatScaryChick

If he is guilty I hope he rots in prison. Mad


What should have been a late in life boon turns into the death of him.   Pathetic.

hearsetrax's avatarhearsetrax

Twitch just the other smuck gang banger/druggie

TnTicketlosers's avatarTnTicketlosers

Another peice of scum walking.



Drenick1's avatarDrenick1

I hope this thug rots in hell. Can't believe someone would do that to someone they know...just shows you how money brings out the evil in many.


If found guilty and sentenced to General Population, they find out what he did...his life could be in danger.The other thing that could happen is he could end up with a handkerchief hanging out his back pocket for the duration of his stay in prison.

Money can bring people together and at times tears others apart. 

RedStang's avatarRedStang

Quote: Originally posted by ThatScaryChick on Feb 10, 2015

If he is guilty I hope he rots in prison. Mad

That would be too easy. He would have a better life in prison. They need to bring back public hanging. 

dallascowboyfan's avatardallascowboyfan

This scum should get the same treatment that Mr. Neal had to endure. RIP Mr. Neal.

maringoman's avatarmaringoman

Some criminals cannot be rehabilitated and only their mothers would miss them...a small price to pay.

hearsetrax's avatarhearsetrax

Quote: Originally posted by RedStang on Feb 10, 2015

That would be too easy. He would have a better life in prison. They need to bring back public hanging. 

that or other medieval devices

HaveABall's avatarHaveABall

Quote: Originally posted by dallascowboyfan on Feb 10, 2015

This scum should get the same treatment that Mr. Neal had to endure. RIP Mr. Neal.

It seems to me, dallascowboyfan, that your suggestion would be a very sad and anxiety raising job/career to hold.  I wouldn't want to make anyone do said punishment of this sort for income/salary.  If one is PROVED guilty ... quick hanging is way:  cheaper, efficient, less painful, and more successful.


Quanzell What?

Another "No Name" going to prison, what a surprise!

Ladies please don't name your son Quanzell and expect anything good to come out of it!!

With a name like that you saw it coming a million miles away...

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