7 arrested in Georgia Lottery winner's murder

Mar 29, 2016, 9:05 am (87 comments)

Georgia Lottery

FITZGERALD, GA — Seven people were charged Monday in the shooting death of a lottery winner more than two months ago.

The arrests were all made after a lengthy investigation into Craigory Burch Jr.'s death.

The former forklift driver hit the $434,272 instant prize from the Georgia Lottery when he matched all five numbers from the Nov. 29, 2015 Fantasy 5 drawing.

Six of the seven are in custody in the Ben Hill County Jail. One remaining suspect is in custody in Colquitt County.

Two of the suspects are women, Rosalyn Swain, 22, of Fitzgerald, and Keyona Dyous, 24, of Moultrie.

The others are Earnest Holcomb, 27, of Fitzgerald, 17-year-old Wayan Jordan, of Fitzgerald who will be charged as an adult, Dabrentis Overstreet, 19, of Tifton, Nathaniel Baker, 28, of Moultrie, and Anjavell Johnson, 21, of Tifton.

All are charged with malice murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and possession of firearm during the commission of the crime.

Authorities believe three masked people stormed in the home on Stubbs Avenue in the late hours of Jan. 20, intent on Burch's recent lottery winnings.

(See Georgia Lottery winner killed during home invasion, Lottery Post, Jan. 21, 2016.)

Burch was shot several times and died at the scene.

The District Attorney's office has not released how the some of the suspects fit in this crime, and who acted in what capacity. The investigation is ongoing.

The arrests come after weeks of investigating since the crime, and receiving national media attention.

Investigators said Burch's girlfriend, Jasmine Hendricks, was in the home at the time and ran for help. A shotgun blast blew open the door and three masked, armed men ran in, she said.

"When they came in, he said, 'Don't do it, bro. Don't do it in front of my kids,'" Hendricks recalled. "'Please don't do it in front of my kids and old lady. Please don't do that, bro. Please don't.' He said, 'I'll give you my bank card.'"

Hendricks said Burch then threw his pants to the robbers, who looked for but couldn't find his wallet.

The intruders then shot and killed Burch before running away.

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Thanks to hearsetrax and konane for the tip.

WALB, Lottery Post Staff


Tommy529's avatarTommy529

Sad hope they get the death penalty that's why winners shouldn't be announced by there real names oh and leave then alone let them enjoy there money crazy world we live in money evil but have to have it to live other wise just paper with a number people kill over I think people with money are always hunted by the whales of this world classified killer whales and the ones with the money are the dolphins sad sad

wendy67's avatarwendy67

This is such a sad story to me. Im thankful they caught the killers and I hope justice is served. Most are so young. I didnt know the victim but I know his family. His father and family are long time friends of mine and I hope these arrests help them some. At least now someone is being held accountable.

MzDuffleBaglady's avatarMzDuffleBaglady

HoLeeKau's avatarHoLeeKau

Stupid stupid criminals.  He won less than half a million.  What is that, 300K after taxes?  And they thought it would be worth murdering a guy to split whatever he hadn't spent among SIX of them?  WTH! 

Wonder if this was more out of jealousy and spite than for the money?

Drenick1's avatarDrenick1

His children have an angel looking down on them. It's just despicable that they shot him after he offered to give them his bank card. I have absolutely no empathy for these savages and hope they face the full brunt of the law. My deepest sympathy to his family and may he rest in peace.

TheMeatman2005's avatarTheMeatman2005

I bet their parents are saying they were all good kids.

Did they think they wouldn't get caught?

lejardin's avatarlejardin

If the shotgun blast through the door didnt traumatize the children, seeing the man murdered right before their eyes after he begged them, will be forever etched in their minds, so tragic.  Inhumane animals are lower than whale s#%^.   

hearsetrax's avatarhearsetrax

alive today,cause its illegal to hunt them for sport

Thinking of...

dr65's avatardr65

Slum. Look at their photo's. Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? I hope they

shed some real tears every night even if its for themselves. These people need to hurt.

Their arrogance that is clearly displayed in the photos needs to be stripped from them,

if the court can't do it, I hope someone is waiting for them who can. Rot in hell.

The victim looked as if he might've had a past but he had kids who will harden just like 

these murderers if someone is not very careful, patient, loving and protective of them.

Prayers for the children, that's it.

Get paid's avatarGet paid

Good job,now life in prison for the robbers.


The Georgia legislature has refused to approve a bill (SB179) sponsored by McKoon of the 21st and Henson of the 41st districts respectively.  Several states allow lottery winners to receive their lottery winnings in anonymity. Not publishing the name of the winners would not adversely affect the sale of lottery tickets.  This is the specious argument put forth by the Georgia lottery.  I would not want to open my family to the unwanted attention that comes with winning a large amount of money.  Some people want others to know that they now have access to thousands or millions of dollars and others do not.  I am in the latter category.  SB 179 or a version of it has been put forth several times but the legislature has refused to give it an up vote.  Twenty-five percent of my winnings is a small price to pay for anonymity.  Death on the other hand is a bigger price to pay.  Life beats death every time. It is time for the people of Georgia to demand that they have a choice of publicity or anonymity if and when they win the BIG MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

It is a shame that this young man lost his life in this way.  More people in the minority community play the lottery and have fewer options when it comes to "good"

advise when it comes to money matters.  A windfall from the lottery is instant wealth and no knowledge as to how to manage it.  A "fool"and his/her money will soon part (See story of women in North Carolina with a stupid boy friend) but Mr. Burch was no fool.  He was the victim of a horrible crime. I do not know what his conduct was after he won the lottery but give us  the option of being a "fool" by talking about our new found wealth or being a wise man/woman by claiming our winnings in anonymity. Do not let Georgians read about another horrible death and winning the lottery. (See story on Abraham Shakespeare)

Uneek1's avatarUneek1

Quote: Originally posted by hearsetrax on Mar 29, 2016

alive today,cause its illegal to hunt them for sport

Thinking of...

Why would you want to hunt a human for sport?... God bless your soul!! Otoh: Such a sad story. May his soul rest in peace!

LiveInGreenBay's avatarLiveInGreenBay

Will the BlackLivesMatter folks protest this killing?  Yea that's what I thought.  Put me on that jury! Mad

sully16's avatarsully16

Throw away the key.

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