Michigan Lottery retailer sells two jackpot-winning tickets on same day

Dec 15, 2017, 9:52 am (3 comments)

Michigan Lottery

You might want to visit this lucky Meijer store in Holland, Michigan.

The store at 3320 West Shore Drive sold two jackpot-winning lottery tickets on Saturday worth a combined $2.4 million, according to the Michigan Lottery.

A Lotto 47 ticket purchased at the store Saturday matched the numbers drawn that evening — 1, 12, 15, 29, 41, and 44 — winning the ticket-holder a $2 million jackpot. The player, who chose to remain anonymous when they claimed the prize this week, opted for the one-time lump sum payment of about $1.3 million.

Another player purchased a $10 Fast Cash Jackpot Slots ticket at the store's gas station on the same day and instantly won the $428,621 progressive jackpot. That player also chose to remain anonymous.

The Meijer store will receive $5,000 for selling the Lotto 47 ticket and $2,000 for the Fast Cash Jackpot Slots ticket.

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Lottery Post Staff



I bet the TV stations were up there filming the lucky store...watch the sales dramatically increase.


Two smart individuals staying anonymous.


 l for one am not in the least surprised. Just take a gander at the LP prediction board, l bet those numbers were pulled directly from there. But will the winner or winners admit to it, l think not!

* As Vader once said " If only you knew, the power of the LP prediction board!" Big Smile

music*'s avatarmusic*

I like how the owners advertize the name, "meijer". You can't miss it and it stands alone with no other ads nearby.

 Congratulations to both winners.

 Since the store is on West Shore Drive, is that on the shore of Lake Michigan? I might google it.


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