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UK National Lottery to increase Lotto game prizes

Sep 4, 2018, 8:27 am

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UK National LotteryUK National Lottery: UK National Lottery to increase Lotto game prizesRating:

Raffle side game will be dropped

United Kingdom National Lottery operator Camelot has announced it will be increasing the prize amounts for its Lotto game.

From November, players who match five or more balls — plus the bonus ball — will win a fixed £1 million (US$1.28 million).

Five balls will win at least £1,750 and four £140, both increases from their current estimated values, and three balls will net £30, up from £25 now.

This is up from an estimated £50,000 which is currently based on sales.

The announcement made on Monday also scrapped the raffle to fund fixed prizes for the remaining winning categories apart from the jackpot, which is also anticipated to increase in size and will pay out more regularly.

The changes were in response to an in-depth review launched last year after sales dropped 8.8% in 2016/17 compared to the previous period.

Camelot chief executive Nigel Railton said, "It was clear from the review that we needed to create a more appealing and balanced range of games that offers something for everyone."

The review found that when Lotto changed in 2015 so gamblers pick six numbers from 59, compared to from 49 before, the game resembled its high-stakes sibling EuroMillions too closely because it became harder to win.

The jackpot will only be allowed to rollover five times in the future, compared to 10 currently.

The money will instead roll down to the fixed categories on the sixth draw, making every winning ticket more valuable.

Wednesday's base jackpot will increase from an estimated £1.8 million to £2 million, and Saturday's from £3.1 million to £3.8 million.

The maximum amount on a rollover will decrease, however, from £22 million currently to an estimated £11 million on a Wednesday and £12 million on a Saturday.

Lottery Post Staff

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3 comments. Last comment 2 years ago by mikeintexas.
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United States
Member #163184
January 22, 2015
2286 Posts

Roll down lottery from 10 draws to 5; wonder if MIT will try to crack that one too?  LOL.

    music*'s avatar - DiscoBallGlowing
    USN United States Navy
    Fresno, California
    United States
    Member #157851
    August 2, 2014
    3959 Posts

    "making every winning ticket more valuable." I hope all this works for Camelot's sake.

     I wonder what some famous past winners think about these changes. Like Mark Gardiner, Callie Rogers, Sarah C., 

     Camelot has an excellent reputation for helping jackpot winners. The winners are not left out to fend for themselves. Plus the winners can choose to remain anonymous. 

     "We are all in this together!" 

      mikeintexas's avatar - h87TsB4
      Texas Panhandle
      United States
      Member #136839
      December 20, 2012
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      As soon as I saw this post, I dashed off an email to a friend of mine in Great Britain;  she manages a Martins, which from what I know, is something like our 7-11 chain, a convenience store. (although she says it's a "news agent", but they sell snacks and pop and lottery tickets) 

      I haven't heard back from her, but I expect she'll say something along the lines as she always does when I ask her about Camelot changing up the lottery: "Bunch of whingers, the entire lot." (referring to the customers complaining, something to that effect)

      I guess people are pretty much the same all over, huh?

      Epstein didn't kill himself.