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North Carolina retiree wins $344.6 million lottery jackpot using fortune cookie numbers

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November 6, 2015
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Congrats!  Now he is going to have strangers and family coming out of the wood works.  The asian standing next to him is obviously related to his wife's side because she is viet.  Now his wife's side is going to ask for money and probably people from vietnam.  I haven't seen a fortune cookie with lotto numbers on the back for awhile but once I do I'll save it to play.

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    March 29, 2008
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    I'm so very happy that man won the lottery...he's the kind of person I really love to see win...a down to earth good man with a good heart...he said in the video he told God if he won he would donate to the 3 charities

    he named & he said you can't lie to him....he got that right!

    I hope and pray nobody takes advantage of him and he can keep his wits about him to make all of the right decisions and he did say his wife was a CPA so maybe she will know how to manage the money but he still needs a financial adviser but then again I have heard of them taking advantage of lottery winners too.

    In a way I wish NC winners could remain anonymous but then we couldn't read about them winning!Big Grin Angel

    I wish him the very best of luck and to those who think he's old I sure don't not in his 60's for goodness sakes people live these days till their 80's at least if they take care of themselves.

    A man here in my city was the first mega millions winnner in NC and he won at the age of 82 and is still living and still happy and didn't get carried away with his winning...he did all the right things though..didn't come forward until he got all of his ducks in a row and bought an RV and left for Arizona to visit relatives right after the got the money which was a very smart thing to do.

    Here's his story...I knew his sister and she told me he won before he came forward & I thought she was joking but she convinced me she was not & made me promise not to tell and I didn't.



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      December 20, 2012
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      I always heard if you won the lottery playing fortune cookie numbers, you would win again thirty minutes later.

      Wait...maybe it was something else.

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