Students head back to campus thanks to help from the Kentucky Lottery

Aug 18, 2019, 10:22 pm (5 comments)

Kentucky Lottery

As college students across Kentucky head back to school, a large number of them have proceeds from Kentucky Lottery sales to help pave the way.

Lottery proceeds provide every dime of the KEES scholarship ever awarded, many of which will be used at college campuses this semester. In addition, Lottery proceeds fund the need-based College Access Program and Kentucky Tuition Grants programs.

All told, $3.4 billion in Kentucky Lottery proceeds have been used for the college scholarship and grant programs. These funds are part of the $5.2 billion turned over to the Commonwealth from Lottery sales from 1989 thru 2018.

"The beauty of the students using KEES money for this semester is that they didn't even have to apply for it," said the Kentucky Lottery's President and CEO Tom Delacenserie. "KEES funds are awarded based on a student's GPA and ACT score, and that money automatically follows them when they stay here in Kentucky to attend college."

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the KEES program. "In that time, one in five Kentuckians have received a scholarship or grant paid for by Kentucky Lottery proceeds, and that's a fact in which we take immense pride," said Delacenserie.

Those $3.4 billion in scholarship and grant funds have been raised through ticket sales in the Commonwealth. Record-breaking sales in FY19 means more funds available for these programs. "Sales of tickets like our $30 Break Fort Knox ticket — which have not only been successful but also still have a trio of $3 million top prizes available — have made an impressive impact," Delacenserie said. "95 cents of every dollar of non-loan student aid awarded in the Commonwealth has come straight from the sales of Kentucky Lottery tickets, and we know students are counting on us."

More information about the KEES scholarship program can be found on the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) website.

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music*'s avatarmusic*

Congratulations to all those College students who qualified for these awards. 

 College graduates will help Kentucky in the future. 

 Money well invested by Lottery Players! 


sully16's avatarsully16

That's awesome.


I knew of someone who had received one of these scholarships to help her with Nursing school.


Been patiently waiting for the one hater of this program to comment negatively...and it hasn't happened like in the past!   Amen

Artist77's avatarArtist77

This is how lottery money should be used!


The KY Lottery was player savvy from the start so increasing their KEES program funding is not really a surprise.

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