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Mississippi men tried cashing in lottery ticket after gluing on the winning numbers, officials say

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May 21, 2007
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    Because that wouldn't be obvious LOL!

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      they needed shirts that  that say I m with stupid. WOW

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        Something l would do?

        Were we in kindergarten together, did l steal your lunch? Did l end up taking your prom date home?What is wrong with you Raven?

        You are arguing with an AI chat bot, lol.

        I don't think Mississippi has anything on California when it comes to dumb criminals. You know ours can't even speak English. LOL

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            After just reading this, I'm laughing so hard. This is funny, really, really funny. Lottery tickets have barcodes, not the numbers on the face of the ticket. LOL

            All number sets are contenders until the drawing occurs.

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              This says it all.  https://youtu.be/CosD7h2703o

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              The numbers will tell you what numbers to play. Pay attention to the numbers.

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                This says it all.  https://youtu.be/CosD7h2703o

                I seen tater once lol what a hoot ....the other guys should make dumb crook news

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                  Only in Mississippi

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                    Before Mississippi got the lottery these guys probably put a $100 bill in a copier machine, made copies, and then put the 100 on fives, tens and twenties on real bills. 

                    "Sir this $100 bill you gave me has Lincoln's picture on it".

                    Those who run the lotteries love it when players look for consistency in something that's designed not to have any. So many systems, so many theories, so few jackpot winners. 


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                      Green laughStupid is, as Stupid does. 

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                        This reminded me of when someone posted a picture of a so called winning p3 ticket on the NC thread one time &

                        had tried to photoshop it so it would look like the winning no. was on the ticket but left some of one of the other

                        numbers on the ticket showing they were using...it was so funny & of course it was pointed out to them...they had me fooled but when the person who caught it showed the number they left on then I saw it....they almost got by with it....it was sort of like a shadow of one.

                        AND this person thinks they can outsmart the lottery is unbelievable!


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                          It's not worth calling the police.  They should be banned from playing the lottery.   Then someone should call the gambling hotline.  The number does work and will put someone's name and info in it so they can't collect anything.

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                            This says it all.  https://youtu.be/CosD7h2703o

                            I'm going to be rich one day! The day I can figure out how to fix STUPID!

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                              January 22, 2015
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                              Please do NOT put wrong information about the gambling hotline out there ( 1-800-GAMBLER).   Just called them and she said you cannot do as you say.   The individual has to call and do this themselves.   IDK just relaying what they just told me.  Perhaps anyone could call with an individual's information and get it done that way.

                              OTOH banning yourself from a casino, from what I'm told can lead to your arrest if you 'trespass' and gamble.   We go quite often and have 'heard' that if you were to win a jackpot and on a self banned list, they will not pay out a jackpot.   I'll be sure to ask my Host about that.