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Nebraska Lottery warns players about misprinted Lucky for Life tickets

Jun 6, 2020, 9:43 am

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Nebraska LotteryNebraska Lottery: Nebraska Lottery warns players about misprinted Lucky for Life ticketsRating:

Lucky for Life players are encouraged to check lottery tickets printed on or before Thursday after about 125 multi-draw tickets were misprinted with incorrect end-of-game dates, Nebraska Lottery officials said in a release Friday.

Multi-draw tickets allow players to purchase up to 12 weeks of drawings in advance, and those tickets contain the start and end dates of drawings, the release said.

An incorrect end date can cause players to mistakenly believe their ticket has lost.

The start date and number of drawings printed on the tickets can be used to calculate the accurate end date, the release said. Players can also send a photo of their ticket to lottery@nelottery.com for clarification.

No similar issues were discovered in other lottery games, and the warning is only for Lucky for Life tickets purchased in the state of Nebraska.

"Our players look to the Nebraska Lottery for fun and excitement, and we understand this error on Lucky for Life tickets has caused some confusion," Nebraska Lottery Director Brian Rockey said. "Despite the misprinted draw dates, these Lucky for Life tickets are valid and can win prizes."

Lottery Post Staff

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Unlucky-Kenny's avatar - Cigar B1.gif
United States
Member #202055
November 7, 2019
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Good that they got the word out so that people dont possibly toss winning tickets.

Strange that it happened though.

Use to play Lucky for Life in MN (WI does not have) but I stopped after awhile - I think I only won my ticket money back a few times.

Sadly if you take the cash option I don't think its that much of a jackpot (compared to what the odds are and it being a $2 ticket) but I could be wrong.

    cbr$'s avatar - maren
    United States
    Member #104478
    January 15, 2011
    11420 Posts

    Glad they told the players. Before some one toss out a winning ticket. 

      * In hot pursuit of $ *
      White Shores- California
      United States
      Member #136471
      December 12, 2012
      6728 Posts

      if we can get warning labels on alcohol and tobacco, why not this situation? Smart move.

       * Voice of Reason *   

      * The Truth Hurts *

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