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Canadian woman wins $60 million Lotto Max jackpot with numbers her husband dreamt of 20 years ago

Jan 19, 2021, 11:19 am

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Canada Lotto MaxCanada Lotto Max: Canadian woman wins $60 million Lotto Max jackpot with numbers her husband dreamt of 20 years agoRating:

TORONTO — After playing the same lottery numbers for 20 years that came to her husband in a dream, a 57-year-old Toronto woman is $60 million richer.

"All the hardship is over now," Deng Pravatoudom said through a translator while accepting her giant ceremonial check on Monday.

Pravatoudom immigrated to Canada from Laos in 1980, along with her 14 siblings.

"My family was sponsored by a local church and because we had nothing, I am thankful for the great support they provided us over the years," she said.

"My husband and I have worked long hours as general laborers for over 40 years, trying to save what we could for our family."

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the mother of two adult children and grandmother to two grandchildren was laid off from her job last spring.

While unemployed and praying her luck would turn around, Pravatoudom continued to play the same lottery numbers she had been for the past two decades, which she said came to her husband one night in a dream.

Then, one day after leaving her temple she went to a nearby mall on Yonge Street in North York for some errands and checked her latest Lotto Max ticket. She found out she had won a "Free Play" ticket and decided to add "Encore."

"I couldn't believe a few days later that free ticket would be worth $60 million," she said.

And, it was her husband who got to tell her the great news.

"I went to line up at the bank. I gave the ticket to my husband to check. After I came out to the car, that's when he told me," she said.

Pravatoudom said she was "ecstatically happy and crying at the same time" when she found out she won the $60 million jackpot from the Dec. 1, 2020 draw.

"I have always prayed for a blessing that my family would be taken care of."

With the big winnings, Pravatoudom said her and her husband plan to move out of their apartment and buy a house, pay off some bills, help out their family, and travel once it is safe to do so.

"With this money I will be capable of helping my children out more, whatever they want I will be able to buy it for them, a car and new clothes," she said, adding "not like before when I was unable to help them out as much."

As a special treat, Pravatoudom added she will also be buying herself some diamonds.

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Thanks to rcbbuckeye for the tip.


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United States
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January 22, 2015
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Nice story, think of all the hardships her family endured.

    MADDOG10's avatar - smoke
    Beautiful Florida
    United States
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    July 18, 2004
    25493 Posts

    That is a good, feel good story. Yes, they have endured hard times.

    Very Happy for them and the whole Family.



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      United States
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      January 3, 2016
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      "As a special treat, Pravatoudom added she will also be buying herself some diamonds."


      A nice starter diamond for the new lotto winner:



      Congrats to her and her family!

        sully16's avatar - sharan
        Dr.President Elect
        United States
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        October 28, 2009
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        Nice story, congrats to the lucky Lady.Party

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          rcbbuckeye's avatar - Lottery-062.jpg
          United States
          Member #55887
          October 23, 2007
          11824 Posts

          That's quite a commitment to play the same numbers for 20 years. Don't think I could do that.


          A DOLLAR AND A DREAM (OR $2)

            sweetie7398's avatar - flower2

            United States
            Member #22701
            September 30, 2005
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            Congratulations, persistence pays off.🎉

            Life, love, family Love

              Bronx ny
              United States
              Member #209099
              August 20, 2020
              45 Posts

              If it was a free ticket that won how could it be her husbands  dream numbers?.