Technical difficulty with New Jersey Lottery Pick 4 drawing results in two sets of winning numbers

Mar 15, 2024, 12:18 pm (5 comments)

New Jersey Lottery

Physical error causes "incomplete draw"

By Kate Northrop

The New Jersey Lottery had to conduct a second Pick 4 evening drawing last night after a mechanical problem caused the first draw to fail, the Lottery announced today.

A technical error involving the New Jersey Lottery's ball drawing machine led to an "incomplete draw" in the Pick 4 evening drawing on Thurs., March 14.

All of the balls did not release into the chamber of the drawing machine before the winning numbers were selected, the Lottery said, which resulted in an incomplete draw.

The results of the first, faulty draw were 8-8-2-6 with Fireball number 2.

To remedy the issue, the Lottery pulled out a secondary Pick 4 ball draw machine, which was tested and reset before conducting the second drawing. The second drawing "occurred without incident," the Lottery said in a press release.

The second set of winning numbers for the March 14 evening Pick 4 drawing was 8-7-8-2. The Fireball number, 2, was drawn from a separate machine during the first drawing and remains valid for the Pick 3 and both Pick 4 evening drawings.

The Lottery is honoring both sets of winning numbers and advises winners from the second draw to mail in a claim form with their tickets if they won a prize.

Players can find videos of both drawings on the New Jersey Lottery's social media pages.

The secondary machine used in the second draw will now be used in the afternoon Pick 4 drawing on Fri., March 15 while the Lottery checks the primary machine "to ensure functionality."

"The Lottery maintains a secondary machine for such circumstances," a statement reads.

Pick 4 drawings take place twice a day at 12:59 pm and 10:57 pm EST.

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Lucky for New Jersey and the few states that still have mechanical ball drawings for Pick 3/4 and other draw games.

It sucks that 'due to the pandemic' we went to computerized draws (KY) and MD not too long ago joined this screw the players mentality.

Glad NJ did the right thing and had another draw.  I know it is quite a process weighing each ball and they have to be within so many nanograms of each other.  Remember KY lottery had my question on this years ago and they showed how it was done in the good old days.


Do I understand this correctly ?  The second draw results came out the same numbers with the exception of one number ?  (Not in order) ..88226 first time... 88227 the second.

LottoBux's avatarLottoBux

Quote: Originally posted by justadream on Mar 15, 2024

Do I understand this correctly ?  The second draw results came out the same numbers with the exception of one number ?  (Not in order) ..88226 first time... 88227 the second.

So for statistical purposes is the 8782 the official result?

On the Daily Numbers page, both evening draws are shown.

winsumloosesum's avatarwinsumloosesum

Both numbers will be honored due to technical difficulty:


The 1st machine/drawing  8826.  2. . . . .   The second machine/drawing set of winning numbers was 8782 2
The Fireball number, 2, that was drawn during the first drawing was drawn from a separate machine and remains valid for Pick-3 and both Pick-4 drawings.

The MID and EVE pick-4 numbers on the nj lottery sight are 
03/14/2024    EVE    8 8 2 6 2       
03/14/2024    MID    7 6 2 7 7

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